Holy Hot Damn Yes: KTRU Back on Yr Radio, Next Friday (So Celebrate Next Thursday!)

Holy shit, y’all. Okay, so I’d heard the rumors that this was happening for a few months now, but I was afraid to take ’em to heart and potentially be let down. And yet, it’s actually happened: KTRU, long the only radio station I would listen to in this here city and a place where I myself used to DJ many moons ago, will be back on the FM radio waves as of next Friday, October 2nd

Saving KTRU: Right Down to the Wire

The fight to save Rice University‘s student-run/-built radio station {KTRU} has entered the final stretch over at the FCC — while both parties have agreed to the sale, the Commission still has to approve the sale…

Saving KTRU: The Dirty Laundry Comes Out; The Fight Goes to the FCC (+ UH Tomorrow!)

I know it’s been a little while since I posted anything about the possible sale of student-run, student-founded Rice University radio station {KTRU} to the University of Houston. And yeah, I’ll admit it — after UH actually signed on the line that’s dotted…

On Yr Radio: Linus Pauling Quartet, Tonight

You may’ve heard already, but just in case, be warned/psyched/aware that awesome psych/stoner-rocker dudes the {Linus Pauling Quartet} will be imploding the confines of the {KTRU} studios tonight as part of the ever-entertaining Local Show

KTRU: Down, But Not Out

Damn. Got the news today that I’d really hoped I wouldn’t hear — the sale of Rice U.‘s beloved, ultra-indie radio station, {KTRU} to the University of Houston has been finalized. Rice and UH have both signed on the line that is dotted…

Saving KTRU III: Free Radicals Throw It Down for Rice Radio

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nick Cooper of longstanding funk/jazz/pop/world/etc. outfit {Free Radicals} is a big, big fan of {KTRU}, the beleaguered, possibly-to-be-sold Rice University radio station…

Tonight: KTRU Benefit Concert/Party #2 at Rice Memorial Center!

Fight on, fight on, fight on. Contrary to popular belief, the deal to sell Rice University’s beloved radio station, {KTRU}, to the folks over at KUHF ain’t done yet; in fact, the growing public outcry about the deal seems to be making both universities wonder what the hell they were thinking in the first place…

Tonight: KTRU Open Forum/Q&A at Rice

I know it might seem to the whole “Save KTRU!” thing has taken over this little blog as of late; apologies for anybody that annoys, but the whole mess is pretty deeply personal to me…

Concert for KTRU, This Saturday!

While I’m on the subject of benefit-type shows, I can’t help but mention this one, near & dear to my heart as it is… This coming Saturday, August 28th, supporters of venerable, well-loved Houston radio station {KTRU} will be rocking the house…

Theft at Rice University!: Another Appalling Casualty in the War on College Radio

200 people gathered on a Sunday afternoon in Houston, in the middle of August, braving a sweltering, unforgiving onslaught of heat (my iThermometer peaked at 110°), absent any real cloud cover or cool breeze. For what reason would a rational group of adults subject themselves to such punishment?…

Save KTRU: Sunday’s Protest at Willy’s Statue + What Else You Can Do

It’s been a rough week. In case you haven’t heard before now — and if you pay any attention to music-related things in this city, it would be hard not to — Rice University made an underhanded, sneakily confidential deal…

Rice Prepares to Kill Off KTRU, by Selling It to UH (Updated, Slightly)

Oh, how I wish the line above were a joke, but sadly, it’s not. As the {Houston Press} reported yesterday, Rice University is about to sell the FCC license and transmitter of much-beloved local radio station {KTRU}

KTRU Monthly Concert Series, (Re-)Starting Tonight

Got some news a few days back about a new monthly concert series put on by the KTRU crew, specifically the combined forces of the Local Show and the Mutant Hardcore Flower Hour; Kirston, Rosa, and the rest of the gang will be putting on shows on a Thursday each month (during the Mutant Hardcore […]

Marc’s Sensitive Female Chord Progression, On NPR Right Now

Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to SCR homey and longtime contributor Marc Hirsh, who in addition to being an all-round great writer and reviewer, killer foursquare player, and funny guy, is currently on the air on NPR’s “Here & Now”. He’s talking about his latest project, exposing the “Sensitive Female Chord Progression”, the […]

Pumpin’ On Your Radio

At least, I will be tomorrow (Fri., January 30th), if all goes according to plan — not fumbling around on a guitar or anything, don’t worry, but just chatting and shooting the shit with the guys of “The Revelry Report” show up at KTRU (91.7FM, in case you live under a rock). Matthew of TRR, […]

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