Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Coffee Porter Launch Party + Binarium Sound Series + Via Colori + More

Last day of the weekend, Sunday, November 21st, and there’s still plenty going on… I’m afraid I’ve got some house-y stuff to do, so I’ve got to make it a bit quick; here goes:

Real Ale Katz Coffee Porter Launch Party, featuring Something Fierce, Robert Ellis & The Boys, Mason Lankford & The Folk Family Revival, Peekaboo Theory, & Castle Lights @ Warehouse Live (Studio; 3-9PM, free, requires RSVP/wristband)
Big caveat time: I’m not sure this is open to all comers; one of the flyers I’ve seen says “by invitation only,” which I’m guessing means that if you’re on these folks mailing lists, well, you probably got invited. This is an RSVP-only deal, as well — if you want to go, you can try your luck & send an email quick-fast to “CoffeePorterParty” at “katzcoffee dot com” (thanks to contributor Rock Houston for digging up the info). This thing’s apparently a launch party for a brand-new beer, the Real Ale Katz Coffee Porter, which is (duh) a joint venture between the Real Ale Brewing Company and Katz Coffee, so beer heads, take note.

The party’s not at either Real Ale (thank God, ’cause Blanco’s a ways from here) or Katz, mind you, but over at the Warehouse Live, and it’ll feature a bunch of cool, cool bands. I’m a huge Something Fierce fan, in particular, and am psyched to learn they’ve been quietly cranking away on songs for a new album; they’re honest-to-God my absolute favorite pop-punk/power-pop in the whole damn world, these days, so more from ’em is always a good thing. Plus, there’s Robert Ellis & The Boys, in all their old-school country glory, edgy alternarockers Peekaboo Theory, and Castle Lights & Mason Lankford & The Folk Family Revival, both of which I’ve heard good, good stuff about.

Binarium Sound Series, featuring Jonathan Horne, Damon Smith, Sandy Ewen, & ms. YET @ The Mekong Underground (8-10PM)
The next installment of the {Binarium Sound Series}, tonight, and one that sounds like it’ll be a bit busier than usual. There’re three sets, apparently: the first with experimental Austin guitarist Jonathan Horne & recent Houstonian (and bassist) Damon Smith; the second with Horne and now-local fellow guitar experimentalist Sandy Ewen (also of the Weird Weeds & Lance & the Pants); and the third with all three of the aforementioned people, plus belly dancer ms. YET (who also performs regularly with Ewen, these days). phew. All together, it promises to be an impressive pile of experimental/improvised music; head on over tonight & check it out.

Via Colori: The Street Painting Festival, featuring The Tontons, Two Star Symphony, Arthur Yoria, Robert Ellis & The Boys, Runaway Sun, Jennifer Grassman, Tim Qualls, & Ozeal @ Allen Parkway & Bagby St. (10AM-5PM)
Yep, already talked about this on over here — not sure we’re going to make it out, unfortunately, ’cause we’ve got a lot of stuff to do here at the house, but if you can make it out, definitely do it. Street art + good music + sunny/breezy day == weirdly unseasonal awesomeness.

Iron & Wine @ Fitzgerald’s (sold out!)
Scott H. Biram @ Rudyard’s
Give Back Benefit for Thanksgiving Kid’s Meals, featuring Somosuno, Room in the Body, Ellypseas, & Eminenthero @ Super Happy Fun Land
4th Annual Jerry Lightfoot Memorial Concert, featuring Steve Krase and The In Crowd, Texas Johnny Brown, The Essential Reunion Band, Powell St. John with Charlie Prichard, George Kinney, & Gene Kurtz, Brad Absher Band, & Tommy Dardar @ The Continental Club (2-8PM)

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