Come See My Dead Person Host 5th Annual Halloween Murder Masquerade, Saturday (Win Tickets!; UPDATEDx3)

I’ve wanted to check out Texas City-dwelling oddballs {Come See My Dead Person} for quite some time now, but I just keep missing ’em by inches..and yes, I’ll be missing ’em once again this coming Saturday, October 29th

Art + Music + Zine Party, Next Thurs.

Anybody who pays attention to the music & arts scene in this city knows how closely tied-together the worlds of visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, and everything else are in these parts. Even still, it’s cool to see an event like this one that seemingly pulls it all in at one time…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Coffee Porter Launch Party + Binarium Sound Series + Via Colori + More

Last day of the weekend, Sunday, November 21st, and there’s still plenty going on… I’m afraid I’ve got some house-y stuff to do, so I’ve got to make it a bit quick; here goes…

H-Town Mixtape

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