This Week: Do713 Brings DJ Mo-Laudi to Town

Okay, so my face is pretty red over here… I had every intention in the universe of talking up the new-ish local entertainment/etc. clearinghouse site {Do713} back when it launched back in the late spring, and dammit, I dropped the ball.

Which sucks, because the site’s really pretty phenomenal — I haven’t been checking it as regularly as I should, I’ll admit, and I’ll also cringe and admit that I’ve been pretty much a nonentity over there when it comes to posting shows, adding reviews, etc. Big, big, big mea culpa to site organizers Philip Beck and Matthew Wettergreen; sorry I’ve been a lame-ass slacker, you guys.

My lack of contributions notwithstanding, I’d strenuously recommend checking out the site; they’ve got an insane number of events listed, a lot of which I tend to not even realize are happening ’til, um, they already have. (And then I smack myself in the forehead.) Houston’s that kind of city, really — it’s so freaking big that on any given night there are a good dozen neat, cool, amazing things going on, if you know where to look.

I didn’t post strictly to talk about the site itself, mind you, but to mention a cool-sounding show/party they’ve got going on this coming Thurs., October 7th (yep, that day again). It’s being billed as sort of an after-party for the Vampire Weekend show (about which: eh; Beach House are pretty awesome, though…), but it’s honestly deserving of being its own thing.

Local boy DJ Sun will be spinning early on, but the headliner & main draw is definitely a South African-by-way-of-London rapper and DJ Mo-Laudi, who’s pretty much a Renaissance Man of all things musical, arty, and literary — he’s a solo DJ, an MC for Malawi-bred outfit The Very Best (who’re opening for Vampire Weekend, I believe), a singer for London rock/hip-hop band Weapons, a record label owner, a show promoter, and a journalist. I’d be amazed if he actually slept, with all that going on.

And going by what I’ve been able to hear of the guy’s work, it’s pretty impressive funky, booty-shaking stuff; this should be a hell of a show. It’ll be reasonably cheap, thankfully — between $3 and $7 to get in, although I’m not sure why there’s a range of prices, and there’ll be free drinks besides. Oh, and if you RSVP on the Do713 site, you get the tickets for even cheaper.

I’m also intrigued by this thing because of where it’s at; I only recently heard anything about The Vanguard (aka Vanguard Performing Arts), up in the warehouses just north of Downtown, but it sounds like a pretty neat place…

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