Rocks Off Revamps Its Concert Calendar

Yep, I missed some things while I was out of town, and some of ’em I’m only just now getting caught up on. Like this announcement from the Houston Press/{Rocks Off} gang about their revamped, rejuvenated, extremely cool Concert Calendar

Houston Web Awards, Tonight — Congrats to the Winners!

Niiiice. Y’know, what with this whole “Web” thing finally looking like it’s not going away within the next year, it’s good to see somebody like the {Houston Press} stepping up to recognize the leading lights of the H-town-based Interwebs…

Celebrate With Do713, This Thursday (For Free, If You’re Lucky!)

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year, but damn, there it is — as of this week, local entertainment/arts/whatever clearinghouse {Do713} is officially one year old, and it’s been quite a year for ’em. They’ve quickly risen to the top of the small pile of places I go to see…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: The Small Sounds + Grady + Record Store Day + Born Liars + Darwin’s Finches + Mix Master Mike + More

Coming up on Saturday, April 16th, and I’m attempting to get at least a little bit of a jump on things, for once. And hell, if anything, there’s more cool stuff going on tomorrow than there was today. At the top of my list is the long-awaited return of {The Small Sounds}

This Week: Do713 Brings DJ Mo-Laudi to Town

Okay, so my face is pretty red over here… I had every intention in the universe of talking up the new-ish local entertainment/etc. clearinghouse site {Do713} back when it launched back in the late spring, and dammit, I dropped the ball…

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