CD Release Mania

Tax the Wolf CD ReleaseIt seems as if the stars have aligned, hell spawns have been vanquished and every band in Houston has decided that tonight would be a great night to have a CD release party. Tax the Wolf, Hollywood Black, A dream Asleep and Skeleton Dick have all decided to unleash new music upon the streets of Houston. The obvious problem being that I can’t be in more than one place at the same time, I wonder if this is a by-product of non-communication between bands or are Houston area bands really that competitive.

Tax The Wolf/Dead Confederate/Futurebirds @ Mango’s
Tax the Wolf is over at Mango’s tonight. I’ve seen these ambient, progressive, post-punk junkies pack many a show and while their ethereal brand of rock is not typically my cup of tea, every time I see them they grow on me more and more, so much so in fact that I’m going to see them at Ghoulfest, so please hit me up with a pre-sale ticket soon, fellas. They’ll be joined by Dead Confederate and Futurebirds who are both on the road from Athens, Georgia.

Hollywood Black/Female Demand/The Ride Home @ Walter’s on Washington
Hollywood Black’s latest release Devil’s That We Are from Mia Kat Empire Records has been getting solid critical feedback so far and what little I heard of it, it’s earnest intriguing music. They hit Walter’s with Female Demand, who I once saw bring down the house at Warehouse Live and The Ride Home. Free copy of Hollywood Black’s EP with admission.

Skeleton Dick/A dream Asleep/Dead to the World/Set Aflame/Mouther @ Fitzgerald’s
Love me some A dream Asleep, sharp progressive hardcore with an insane live show that defies you to stay still during their set. I love me some Skeleton Dick, sharp humorous punk rock, that defies you not to spill your beer with a “did he just say that?” They release their split CD Skeleton Dick vs. A dream Asleep tonight at Fitzgerald’s. Set Aflame, Dead to the World and Mouther will also be in attendance. I’m not really familiar with the other bands but what I’ve heard of Set Aflame out of Austin, it’s going to be an intense shut down show.

Voidmate/Blacktransmission/Future Blonds/Tense/DJ Kiyoshi/DJ Jenny Loomer/Titanica Debarge @ The Mink The Backroom
Electro, new wave, one man band Voidmate is at The Mink Backroom with his CD release party. The evening will be round out by a slew of host DJ’s. There will also be free CD give-aways and there’s no cover if you’re over 21. Outstanding. $5 for under 21. Get your electro on.

I’m sure there are hordes more CD release parties that I missed so don’t hesitate to drop me a line and show me the error of my ways. Other than that, go forth into the night and be merry.

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2 Responses to “CD Release Mania”

  1. Mario on August 29th, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    I’ll have to find a way to get you in the ghoulsfest,for sure. Please email me when you have an opportunity. Thanks Dremaceo

  2. michael razo on August 30th, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    Los Skarnales’ new album, DALE SHINE! is out now!!! pick up a copy at Cactus or!!!

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