Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Jealous Creatures + CSMDP + Knights of the Fire Kingdom + Vox and the Hound + Blackmarket Syndicate + Hall & Oates + Folk Family Revival + More

Yup, it’s Saturday (December 8th, specifically), and there’s definitely good stuff happening. In fact, there’s pretty much a three-way tie for Most Badass Oh-Crap-Why-Wasn’t-I-There? Show Going this evening; here’s what sounds & looks good to me…

Yr. (Belated) Weekend: The Suffers B-Day + Beer Fest + The Illegal Wiretaps + Mama Tried + Holder + Peloton + More

Damn. Blew it completely last night, sorry; I’m currently in the midst of handling some family-related things, and while I’d planned to post something for Friday, it sadly just didn’t work out. sigh. So here it is now Saturday, June 9th

Back From The Dead: Blackmarket Syndicate, Coming Back Around Tomorrow Night

And now for some more good news… A few years back I got sent a CD, Why Do We Even Try?, by a scrappy little trio I’d never heard of before called Deathbed Repentance, and I was immediately blown away…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Literary Greats + Finnegan + Quiet Company + Balaclavas + Jealous Creatures + Wheel Workers + More

First night of a busy, busy weekend, y’all — tonight, Friday, January 13th, is packed full of awesomely cool things to do/hear/see. And yes, I know I’m running late; sorry ’bout that, folks, but that’s what spending a day/evening with an unwell toddler does to you…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: South By Due East + Ryan Scroggins + Hell City Kings + The Lion of Wall Street + More

Kind of a slow-ish Friday tonight (March 11th, to be exact), which has me a little nervous that I’ve missed some big-ass show or another somewhere out there, but unfortunately, I just haven’t had time to look this week. sigh

This Saturday: Get Tattooed & Rock Out for Charity

This one very nearly slipped past without even making a blip on my personal radar; it would’ve gone unseen/unheard of if not for the kindly tip from Justice of The Manichean, who figured — rightly — that it was well worth a mention…

A dream Asleep vs. Skeleton Dick

First be warned that I write this review with extreme prejudice. A dream Asleep and Skeleton Dick are two of my top favorite bands…

CD Release Mania

It seems as if the stars have aligned, hell spawns have been vanquished and every band in Houston has decided that tonight would be a great night to have a CD release party.

H-Town Mixtape

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