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Yr. Weekend, Briefly: Cosmic Sound + Benjamin Wesley + Arthur Yoria + the last place you look + More [2/06/2010 10:48:00 AM]:
Hey, all -- it's Munchkin #1's birthday weekend, and we've got family in town, to boot, so I've got other stuff on my mind beyond shows & whatnot, I'm afraid. Which means that not only did I blow it for last night, but I've got to keep it pretty brief for the rest of the weekend.

Still, there's some good stuff going on, esp. today. Here's what I'd be going to, were I not planning on passing out tonight after riding herd on a baker's dozen kindergarteners for most of the day:

Sat., February 6:
Somosuno/Fiskadoro/Eets Feats/Room 101/Cosmic Sound @ Mango's (9PM)
Damn -- I missed mentioning tonight's Ghost Mountain show, I know, but hey, at least you can still check out GM side project Cosmic Sound tomorrow night at Mango's. There's also Room 101, one-man-band Roburt Reynolds's loud, sprawling mess of surprisingly coherent noise-rock, and Fiskadoro, who I've actually really liked but have a hard time describing...

Components of the Modern Age/Benjamin Wesley/If The War Should End/The Wrong Ones/Monoceros @ Walter's
Heard good things about both Components of the Modern Age and If The War Should End, dig the glam-trash rawk of The Wrong Ones, and absolutely love Benjamin Wesley's crazed, sarcastic Afropop-esque thing. A pretty bizarre lineup, really, but a good one.

Crash 45/Let's Hang Jackson/A Silent Canvas/Clubhouse for Ivy/The True Value/Out Feet First/Swervy & the Nutsacks/Minerva/Maniphest/Oneway Radio/A Bubble in the Sun/Four O'Clock @ Fitzgerald's (4PM; $10)
Wha? Holy shit -- I could've sworn old-school pop-punk guys Crash 45 were dead & buried a long, long time ago. Which was damn sad, at the time, because I really liked what I heard of the band; is this maybe some bunch of young'uns who've inadvertently taken the same name? Anybody know?

Arthur Yoria @ The Corner Pub (Conroe)
Maybe it's my Inner Loop-bred views of the Conroe-area 'burbs, but I'd honestly love to see the looks on people's faces as Arthur launched into "No Messin' With My Rectum If You Like My Erection"...

Graham Wilkinson and the Underground Township/Drew Smith's Lonely Choir @ The Continental Club
51st Annual Rory Miggins Memorial Irish Stew Cookoff, featuring Blaggards @ McElroy's Irish Pub
Dirty Honey, featuring DJ Brett Koshkin & Ceeplus Bad Knives @ Boondocks
Benefit for IGA Nephropathy Foundation of America, featuring Mark McKinney & Neil Austin Imber @ Firehouse Saloon
No Glove, No Love! Fest, featuring Odessa, Cavernous, Dinner at Dahmers, Play For Keeps, On The Rag, Waverly Hills, Rise to Conquer, & Rats In The Attic @ Super Happy Fun Land (6PM)

Sun., February 7:
The Texas Buzz, featuring the last place you look, From Guts to Glory, & Floorbound @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Yes, yes, yes. the last place you look freaking rule, I swear to God -- one of the best post-emo rock bands in town, and given the number of competitors, that's saying something. Last year's See the Light Inside You was one of the best albums I heard all year, no lie...

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