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Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: Scale The Summit + Young Mammals + Tody Castillo + Intl Blues Challenge + More [10/17/2009 12:36:00 PM]:
Yep, here's this weekend's second installment, starting with tonight (i.e., Saturday, October 17th). Get on out the house...

Sat., October 17:
Scale The Summit/Another Run/Golden Axe/The Pant Factory/After Time Has Passed @ Warehouse Live
Oh, yeah. There are some really great shows going on, but I think this one's my own personal pick, partly because, well, while they may be from here, Scale The Summit doesn't play here much. These days they spend their time playing big-name prog-rock and metal tours, and hey, I can't fault 'em for that -- they're really, really, really good, blowing away most of the instro-metal competition.

They're seriously one of the best bands in town right now, and I mean that. Plus, they're playing with other local folks I like, namely Golden Axe & Another Run, and I like what I've heard from The Pant Factory (formerly "The Ultra Siberian Pant Factory," for those keeping track) and After Time Has Passed. A full night of instrumental prog-metal madness, right there.

Young Mammals/ Woozyhelmet @ Mango's
First off: sorry, y'all, but The Oh Sees have apparently had to cancel on tonight's show, but from where I sit, that's not a major loss, since awesomely energetic, catchy-as-hell, speedy pop gang Young Mammals are still headlining, with backup from weirdly enthralling, edgy indie-rockers Woozyhelmet, and both those bands are worth watching in their own right. And as an extra bonus, now that Oh Sees are off the bill, the show's free. Can't be mad at that, yo.

Tody Castillo (CD release)/John Egan @ Listening Room (NiaMoves)
I have to say, I wasn't sure what to make of Tody Castillo's long-awaited followup to his stellar, mind-blowing debut from four years or so back -- the first album was a full-on pop masterpiece, so I'd geared up to hear more of the same, but Windhorse is a very different disc, much more gentle and mournful. But still mind-blowing.

Har Mar Superstar/Ghost Mountain/Components of the Modern Age/My Jerusalem @ Super Happy Fun Land
I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with Har Mar Superstar, to tell the truth; when I've seen him live, he's been damn entertaining, even after leaving behind most of the New Jack smooveness, but on record...eh, not so much. But that's okay, because one of my favorite Houston (okay, Baytown, technically) bands of the moment, Ghost Mountain, is opening with their trippy, psychedelic, shy-kid brand of nerd-hop. Check 'em out before they go off to college, break up, or both.

Heaven, featuring Alan Sparhawk & Mimi Parker @ DiverseWorks (8PM)
The second night for this one; see here for the relevant info...

Market Square Block Party, featuring Shina Rae & Ciara McVille @ Dean's Credit Clothing
MarchFourth Marching Band @ Market Square Park
I've got these two grouped together because they sound -- to me, anyway -- like they just might be part of the same festival-type deal up at Market Square in downtown (I mean, the "Market Square Block Party" thing kinda makes that sound plausible, esp. since Dean's isn't on the Square itself but is over on Main St.). Unfortunately, I can find absolutely zero in terms of info about anything like that, even utilizing the magic of Google (way to publicize, y'all!). But hey, Shina Rae is one of the most promising rappers in town (of any gender), and I've heard amazing things about performances elsewhere by the MarchFourth Marching Band, so taking a gamble & heading downtown might not be a bad plan.

The Snake Charmers @ Dunn Bros. Coffee (Katy)
Wanted to make sure I mentioned this one because intrepid writer reviewed The Snake Charmers' full-length -- which I think is pretty darn cool -- on over here just last week. Nicely done country/roots-rock...

Ejacula Radio Benefit Show, featuring Infernal Butchery, Demoniac Vengeance, Brutally Mutilated, Severance, & Ninth Kingdom @ Walter's
Nope, I've never, ever heard the Ejacula show on KPFT (Friday mornings from 2-5AM), but it sounds intriguing, at least, focusing as it claims to on underground metal & grindcore. Honestly, I'm for any radio in this city that isn't warmed-over "new alternative" music from two decades ago or right-wing whackjob talk, so I've got to give it up for these guys. Go help 'em out. (And besides, I dig what I've heard from Ninth Kingdom, in particular.)

A Dream Asleep/Deadbeat Darlin/Cold 43/The Live Lights @ Fitzdown
Helstar/Militia/Ronny Munroe/10 Ton Hammer/Audio Photograph/Crimson Offering @ Fitzgerald's
John Evans @ Cactus Music (4PM)
Reverberation, featuring DJ Paisley Pilgrim, Psychedelic Sex Panther, DJ Andrew Lee, DJ Black Slacks, & DJ Baby Jesus @ Boondocks

Sun., October 18:
International Blues Challenge Regional Preliminaries, featuring Jack Edery & Ultra Suede, Sonny Boy Terry, The Snake Charmers, The Clay Melton Band, Brown & Swerve, Texas Bluzcatz, & T.C. and the Cannonballs @ The Big Easy
Crap...why haven't I heard more about this before now? Turns out the Houston Blues Society is (and has been) hosting the prelims for the International Blues Challenge, which is pretty much the only big-ass blues music competition I've ever even heard of. This is awesomely cool stuff -- the best blues bands in town, all playing for the chance to win some big prizes (cash, cool gigs, guitars, etc.); be there to cheer H-town's own on.

Barkus, Sly, And The Golden Egg/Touche Amore/Giant Battle Monster @ Super Happy Fun Land
Two of the bands in town that I most need to check out -- got the Giant Battle Monster CD recently (thanks, y'all!) but haven't had a chance to listen yet and confirm that the cool stuff I've heard about 'em truly is warranted. Review coming, I swear... Barkus, Sly, And The Golden Egg, on the other hand, seem a bit more elusive; what I've heard has been heavy & pretty interesting, but I don't know much about 'em (like, um, what the hell's up with the name?).

Resonant Interval Sound Series, featuring Michelle Yom & Lance & The Pants @ 2808 Milam (7:30PM)
Cool, cool, cool -- in the wake of the They, Who Sound showcases at the Avant Garden coming to a close, there's a new crew coming in to fill the void. They're calling the shows the Resonant Interval Sound Series, and the first showcase includes experimental flautist (and SCR contributor) Michelle Yom, along with experimental/noise "supergroup" Lance & The Pants, which feature Lance Higdon (Tambersauro/Golden Cities/Wall With One Side/etc.), Sandy Ewen of The Weird Weeds, & other folks I'm less familiar with. Promises to be a good one, y'all.

Buddy Guy/Moreland and Arbuckle @ House of Blues
Miss Leslie and Her Juke-Jointers/Mark Halata @ The Continental Club
afton: push play, featuring The Redgraves, Syrene, Jennifer O'Brien, The Shine, Southerland, clifford and the big red band, & more @ Numbers

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