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Update: Ghost Mountain (Tonight!) + Searching for Signal (9/26) + J. Tillman (11/26) + New/Old Films + More [9/19/2009 04:30:00 PM]:
Yep, got new stuff up this week, including one review for tonight, Sat., September 19th -- local psych-hop mavericks Ghost Mountain are opening for what promises to be a mind-blowing Devin The Dude show tonight up at the Warehouse Live, so we've got a review up of the band's most recent release, the VHS-only Summer Tapes.

If you caught Siamese Sailboats, you've already got an idea of the band's psychedelic/strange mashing-up of electro-pop, primary-color dance rhythms, and nerdy, halfway-confident rapping, and Summer Tapes doesn't stray too far from that musically, although the visuals are pretty damn impressive. The Warehouse Live show's a great opportunity for 'em, esp. considering the folks they're sharing the stage with -- Coughee Brothaz, Fat Tony, & DJ Meshak are all playing, too...

The Ghost Mountain guys may be kids, relatively speaking (I think they just started college), but the art they make, visual or musical, is unique and fearless. And good. Did I mention "good"? The full review's up over here.

Then there's Searching for Signal, who're similarly young yet just as accomplished in their own way. They've got a new EP out, It's So Bright, which takes the band's earlier stabs at indiepop and tosses 'em out the window in favor of delicate, ultra-gentle atmospherics. Think spacerock without so much of the "rock" to it, and you'll get the gist. (And again: good.) The band's playing Bohemeos on Sat., September 26th, so check here for the full writeup before then.

A little further out, writer Suzanne Ivey was kind enough to write up the almost-most-recent album by Fleet Foxes drummer (I think?) Joshua Tillman -- or "J. Tillman," or "Josh Tillman," whichever it is he goes by. She was pretty bowled over by the guy's well-thought-out, deeply spiritual songwriting, so we wanted to get the review up well in advance of his show Thurs., November 26th, up at what'll hopefully be the new Walter's. Full review here.

On the cinematic front, too, film writer Creg Lovett's been busy, not only throwing a timely review of The Informant! our way -- which, incidentally, makes me feel a whole lot better about the movie, because I've read Kurt Eichenwald's book, and it's not the slapstick romp you'd think from the commercials -- up over here, but also recruiting former Public News Music Editor Adam Woodyard to throw in a review of the re-released classic Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, which seems awfully good timing considering the current state of race relations in the country right now.

The review of the latter's up here, and it'll be showing at the MFA this Monday, September 21st. As for The Informant!, it's out in theaters as of yesterday...

Got a bunch more, too, like reviews of the new Placebo & The Guns of Detroit, among others, and a new (but very much belated) "Featured Band" writeup of American Fangs, who're utterly badass, I swear to God, and should be seen by everybody in the Universe. Seriously. The writeup's over here, and here's the whole pile:

Featured Bands: American Fangs

Reviews: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner; Ghost Mountain; The Informant!; Searching for Signal; Placebo; Joshua Tillman; The Guns of Detroit; The Nuclear Children; & Oh No Not Stereo.

More in the next week or so, so keep checking back...

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