Sharks and Sailors, Sharks and Sailors

Sharks and Sailors, Sharks and Sailors

The first release from this Houston quartet reveals a startlingly well-developed sound. This bold, forceful, thought-provoking EP recalls a whole lineage of loud indie rock, from Mission of Burma and Dinosaur Jr. to Fugazi and Sonic Youth to Jawbox and Hum to Drive Like Jehu and Sunny Day Real Estate, with dashes of something like Kyuss or Helmet thrown in, all while defying direct comparison to anyone in particular. Sharks and Sailors have a little ways to go still — veteran bassist Melissa Lonchambon and guitarist Allen Hendrix haven’t mastered their voices yet, and guitarist Mike Rollin hasn’t recorded any vocals here at all — but to see a band so far down the road at this early stage is simply wonderful.

(self-released; Sharks and Sailors --

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