Some Girls, Heaven’s Pregnant Teens

Some Girls, Heaven's Pregnant Teens

Funny that I review this right after reviewing the Head Wound City EP. Some Girls also features Justin Pearson of that “band” (although only on bass here), along with current and former members of Give Up The Ghost, Unbroken, and The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower. Heaven’s Pregnant Teens, (much like the Head Wound City EP) is also something of a old-school beatdown in aural form, although here the material is a little more on the punk side of the angry/grinding/chaotic music spectrum. I would go into each song specifically, but they all kind of run together for me, honestly. Heaven’s Pregnant Teens delivers one 25-minute long beating, and the breaks in between the jabs, crosses, and uppercuts are incidental. You’ll still be reeling on the floor afterwards (or at the very least, have a massive headache). Again, as with Head Wound City, if this is your thing, then you’ll be in hardcore-thrash-punk nirvana. If not, then give this one a wide berth. Don’t let titles like “Hot Piss” and “Ex Nuns/Dead Dogs” fool you into thinking this is some Nick Drake wannabe.

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