The Bell Curve, The Bell Curve

Electronic, synth-heavy beats coupled with lyrics that bleed emotion — perfect for disaffected youth and trend-weary scenesters. The Bell Curve’s self-titled album is everything that early ’90s indie was built on and blends the slow drone of British shoegazer bands (like Ride) with layered, emo-esque guitars and harmonies (like Pavement and Fig Dish). But The Bell Curve owes a lot of its sound to Radiohead, as well — several of the album’s tracks have characteristics of songs from their catalogue, but songs like the sprawling, nearly eight-minute “See With My Eyes Closed” recall The Verve’s early work (“Gravity Grave”).

The album’s featured live tracks — “Style,” “Everything Will Be Alright,” and “For What It’s Worth” — offer up a slightly more energetic side of the band and show the Houston band in their element. Overall, The Bell Curve’s songs are an addictive mixture of styles that make for an addictive listen.

(self-released; The Bell Curve --
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