Bangarang/Wellwisher, Closet Organ EP

Bangarang/Wellwisher, Closet Organ EP

While it’s tough to get a really good impression of a band from only two songs, this split EP does its best to let listeners in on some of North Texas’ best-kept secrets. Bangarang, who contribute “Closet Organ” (sample lyric: “I’ve got this closet organ / When I threw away my monsters”), mix a funked-up thrashfest of electronic beats with low-key guitars and (gasp!) an organ. But their “Brights in the Fog” shows a completely different band; for a band recently voted one of the best unsigned bands by Seattle’s Redefine magazine, the band lightens up a bit too much.

Wellwisher’s “Sleeves” and “Grow” — easily the high points of this EP — sound similar to the Brit-rock of South and Starsailor. Both songs could easily fit into the glut of British exports of the past half a decade, and they prove once again that bands from the Dallas area deserve the attention they continually receive.

(Supergenius Recording Co. -- 6850 N. Shiloh Rd, Ste. K, #273, Garland, TX. 75044; Bangarang --; Wellwisher --
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