Amps for Christ and Two Ambiguous Figures, The Beggar’s Garden

The future is about demographics. Actually, that’s misleading, since even today is really about demographics. Specifically, more and more the idea of niche marketing to smaller and smaller groups with more narrowly defined preferences is becoming not just commonplace…

A Minor Forest, Inindependence

A common term used to describe the music of A Minor Forest is “math rock.” Apart from the fact that this term has been applied to numerous bands that have vastly different styles, I dislike it because it implies that all math is identical. Which, is of course, ludicrous…

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Turning Into Small

When I first got My Bloody Valentine’s classic Loveless, I used to open all the windows on sunny days, crank it up really loud, and pass out on the couch — it was an absolutely awesome way to spend an afternoon, trust me. And not to pigeonhole All Natural, etc., etc., but this disc makes me feel the same way…

H-Town Mixtape

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