All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Turning Into Small

All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, Turning Into Small

When I first got My Bloody Valentine’s classic Loveless, I used to open all the windows on sunny days, crank it up really loud, and pass out on the couch — it was an absolutely awesome way to spend an afternoon, trust me. And not to pigeonhole All Natural, etc., etc., but this disc makes me feel the same way — Turning Into Small is a similar collection of beautiful, sweet, shimmery pop songs that drift and buzz and dance around in your head like a rocking sugar high. They combine both “traditional” dream-pop stuff (i.e., overdrive guitars and whispery vocals) with danceable beats, electronic soundscapes, kind of like Curve or Medicine (but much easier to listen to, for my money), and come out with a cool, intriguing kind of electro-dream-pop. My favorites on here: “You Can Never Tell,” for the ultra-neato surprise MBV guitar break; the jumping, electronic “Puzzled Into Pieces”; the orchestral, dark “Snowflake Eye” (a track that’d serve well on a suspense-movie soundtrack, I think); and “Emergency Turn Off”‘s quiet rhumba-ish tempo.

(Gern Blandstein Records -- P.O. Box 356, River Edge, NJ. 07661; )
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