Torche, Restarter

For Floridian doom-metal heroes Torche, Restarter feels kind of like a homecoming. I say “kind of,” mind you, because this isn’t really a step backwards as much as it is an integration of the band’s earlier, heavier sounds with the poppier experiment that was 2012’s Harmonicraft. At the same time, though, the album feels very much akin to Meanderthal

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: the last place you look + Elaine Greer + Jon Dee Graham + Finnegan + Black Wine + Venue/Show News + More

Holy crap, y’all. Busy, busy, busy weekend coming up, seriously, starting tonight, Friday, June 24th (well, it actually started last night, really, but I’m afraid I neglected to post about those shows, sadly; the {football, etc.} show sounded pretty badass…)…

Live: Coheed and Cambria/Circa Survive/Torche

I’ve been a Coheed fan for a long time…pretty much since they played that club tour opening up for Thursday several years ago. I scooped up a copy of Second Stage Turbine Blade after their set, and was immediately hooked…

Tonight/Tomorrow: Coheed and Cambria + Awesome Color + Megafaun (MP3!) + Earl Gilliam + More

Some cool, good, intriguing, and otherwise neat shows going on over the next couple of days, and I’m determined to not let ’em fall through the cracks (like, um, I normally do with the mid-week shows — sorry, folks…). On top of the things musical mentioned below, I’d also heartily recommend humorist/writer/whatever guy David Sedaris‘s […]

Tonight: Freelance Whales (Reviewed!) + Muhammad Ali + Torche + Omotai + Wall With One Side + More

What the hell, y’all? I mean, I know this is a week sopping wet with spillover from SXSW (and St. Paddy’s week, besides), but this is almost ridiculous — there’s a shitload of good stuff going on all damn week long, so much that I feel swamped even trying to talk about it. And yeah, […]

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