Awesome News: Tom Carter Is Back On Stage and Here in Houston, Next Monday

Heard about this earlier today, and I couldn’t be more psyched; seriously, this is up there with the FPSF announcement in terms of good news, at least for me. What’s the big deal? Well, Tom Carter, expat Houstonian, experimental-guitar maestro…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Tom Carter Benefit #2 + Tyagaraja (Rev’d!) + Electric Attitude + The Pons + Grievous Angels + Ruby Jane + More

On to the next one… It’s Saturday, August 25th, and yep, there’s still a ton of great stuff happening, seriously. Get off your lazy ass and out of the house, eh? Here goes…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Tom Carter Benefit + Weird Party + False Idols + Free The Water + Silver Snakes (MP3!) + More

Holy shit. That is one hell of a jam-packed evening, y’all; tonight (Friday, August 24th) is literally over-freaking-flowing with great, great shows, so many that I’m going to have to leave a few out, I’m afraid. Here we go…

Music for Tom: Two Benefits to Help Tom Carter, This Weekend

A month or two back, avid readers might recall that we mentioned that expat Houstonian and psych-rock hero Tom Carter had been hospitalized in Berlin for pneumonia and had to be put into a medical coma to recover…

Bad News & Help Needed: Tom Carter (Charalambides/The Mike Gunn) Hospitalized in Berlin

Received some tragic news recently from the Nameless Sound folks, about Houston expat & psychedelic/experimental music icon Tom Carter. Oldtimers might remember him from long-long-long-gone psych-rock band…

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