Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Sarah Jaffe + Sleeping in the Aviary + Fake Problems + The Examples + Toadies + More

Yeah, yeah — rushed again to get my little list of things-you-should-not-miss up on the site… Seemingly as always, I’ve got to keep this brief, y’all. Which is out-and-out painful, considering how damn much is going on tonight (Friday, April 15th, to be precise)…

Tomorrow Night: Murdocks (MP3!) + Sleeping In The Aviary + Alkari

Sure, I know this isn’t the Big Show of the Night, but much as I like The Prince of Darkness himself, I’m just not that psyched about seeing him live, I’m afraid. Instead, I’d rather be over at ECHO

Sleeping in the Aviary, Oh, This Old Thing?

You can’t compare Sleeping in the Aviary to anyone, really. You could try, but by the time you explain yourself, a new song has started, and SitA sounds like something else. Oh, This Old Thing? is primarily a punk rock album, given to us in short bursts of uneven tempos…

H-Town Mixtape

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