Live: Ra Ra Riot/Young the Giant

In an effort to get out of my comfort zone and expand my horizons (not to mention an effort to return to going to more shows, after a long break), when I received an email asking to review Syracuse, New York’s Ra Ra Riot

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Young the Giant + Ra Ra Riot (Rev’d!) + Trivium + Sabaton + Hearts of Animals + Fiddle Witch + Tommy Stinson + Only Beast + More

So, if you fall off the horse, you’re supposed to pick yourself up and get back on it again, right? That’s what I’ve always heard, and it kinda-sorta feels like it applies to yours truly right now. I’d planned on doing all the weekend-rundown stuff last weekend…and then other things intervened, like me getting sick, and one of the kids getting sick. It happens; sorry about that…

Ra Ra Riot, Need Your Light

I heard this too late by a month or so, it feels like; here in Houston, despite it still being too goddamn hot to willingly spend significant time outdoors, summer’s finally on its way out, giving way to what passes for “Autumn” in these parts (i.e., “chilly” temps most Northerners would snicker at, although I’d dare ’em to try to survive the heart of summer down here…). See, Ra Ra Riot’s Need Your Light is, at its core, a summer album, at least to these ears…

Tonight: Foxygen & Unknown Mortal Orchestra Up at Fitz

Okay, so I know the Ra Ra Riot show tonight up at Fitz is all sold out, but don’t lose hope just yet. You need to head to the other floor of the club, instead; trust me on this, people…

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