Tonight: Parts & Labor(!) + Black Congress + Davila 666 + Muhammad Ali + Toro Y Moi + Cloud Nothings + More

Busy night for a Monday (March 14th), and there’re some very cool shows going on, especially the Parts & Labor show up at Fitzgerald’s (which also happens to be the first show…

Parts & Labor, Receivers

So, let’s say you’re a member of this noisy (yet majestic), ear-destroyingly loud, static-soaked, sorta conspiracy-minded noise-rock band. You put out two albums’ worth of anthemic noise bombast…and then what?…

Parts & Labor: New Review + Tonight!

No time right now to run down the whole list of awesomely awesome shows going on this weekend — gotta go greet the wife’s cousins, in town from little-bitty Soderfors, Sweden — but I’ve got to mention this one… Tonight (Friday, Nov. 7th), NYC noisemakers Parts & Labor are making their third stop through Houston […]

Parts and Labor! Proletariat! Tonight! Whoo, Yeah!

[Ed. Note: Whoops. It’s been pointed out to me that there are actually four people in S&S, not three. Which I knew, but blanked on, somehow, when I posted. Sorry, y’all…] Tonight NYCers Parts and Labor return to H-town for the second time in, what?, three months? And damn if we (well, me, at least) […]

A Twofer for Tonight (Parts & Labor/ADULT.) + He Is Legend + More New Reviews

Yep, got a bunch of new stuff up, just in time for tonight — two of the bands reviewed, ADULT. and Parts & Labor, are playing together at The Mink, and they sound like they should be darn cool to see/hear. ADULT.’s not really up my alley, but they sound interesting, at least, and P&L’s […]

Parts & Labor, Mapmaker

I wouldn’t have guessed it, I’ll admit — I never figured that NYC noiserockers Parts & Labor could top 2006’s excellent Stay Afraid, much less do it so effortlessly. But here we are with Mapmaker, which truly lives up to its name…

Parts & Labor, Stay Afraid

At first listen, I didn’t care much for Brooklynites Parts & Labor’s latest album, Stay Afraid. It kicks off with a heavy dose of skronking feedback and noodly guitars and, well, pretty much keeps right on going that way…

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