Frog Hair — Houston’s Fuckin’ Awesomest Supergroup — Is Also a Really Old Figure of Speech.

Frog Hair is JJ White (Drillbox Ignition, Dizzy Pilot) abusing a guitar, singing lead, and doing most of the songwriting. It was previously a two-piece (literally one guitar and one drum), and for their first demos, which recall the earliest, fuzziest Pixies…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Axiom 25th Anniversary (Day One) + The Wrong Ones + Fox and Cats + Folk Family Revival + More

Gah. Fighting the post-Thanksgiving malaise — and feeling a bit cabin fever-ish, too, since there’s nowhere you can really go today and not hit massive crowds — this Friday, November 23rd, so this is a little slow in coming…

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