Tonight: Electric Attitude Hit the Road (And Yeah, Other People Do, Too)

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: as somebody who’s been a passionate observer of the music scene here in H-town for something like 15 years now, it does my soul good to see that these days nearly every damn band in town is attempting to hit the road and play to non-hometown crowds…

Boundless, Frightening Enthusiasm: News on the March Gets Mobile

News on the March are one of those bands that tends to leave me feeling tongue-tied and at a loss for adequate words to describe what they really, truly sound like. “They’re, um, kind of old-timey-sounding?…

Update: Silverstein + News on the March/Eastern Sea + Lamb of God (4/24) + Fever Ray + More

I’m gonna make it quick this time, I think… Got some new stuff up on the as of this AM/evening, including a new feature on Canadian alt-/emo-rockers Silverstein by new contributor Rafael here, and a handful of reviews. There’s a review of the new split-7″ The Eastern Sea & News on the March officially released […]

The Eastern Sea/News on the March, “The Sea”/”The March (If You Had Gone Away)”

Talk about a tailor-made release… Seeing as — obviously — the world naturally spins around yours truly, I’m halfway tempted to think these two bands, The Eastern Sea and News on the March…

News on the March, Glory Be! (the EP!)

At its core, Glory Be! (the EP!), the latest release from quintet News on the March is, well, backwoods bedroom-pop. There’s countrified sincerity dripping from every note, alternately echoey and jangly, rough-yet-pretty guitars, down-at-the-heels lyrics that’re perfect to mumble along to…

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