Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 2: Buxton + He’s My Brother + Bebel Gilberto + Dangerous Toys + Skramansion Benefit + More

Hey, all — sorry this is so damn late, but it’s been a weirdly non-stop day for yours truly, involving a lot of driving to and from Jacinto City and down to somewhere just east of Missouri City. I’m finally back in front of the computer, and holy crap, look at the time…sigh

Hear This Now: Ruiners + We Scare Coyotes + Neighbors + Waterparks

With all the talk of top-ten lists and whatnot in recent days — it being the start of the new year and all (and yes, our own pile of top-tens are on the way) — it occurs to me that we here at SCR haven’t pointed forwards a whole lot in recent days & months. Meaning that while we talk a lot about bands we love and adore, well, they’re largely bands you’ve already heard about, either here or somewhere else…

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