Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Roky Moon & The Kiss Goodnight + Jonathan Toubin + Lisa’s Sons + The Fox Derby + Resistance Is Fertile + More

It’s now Saturday, January 12th, y’all, and as (almost) always, there’s a slew of good, good shows happening tonight in our fair city & the surrounding environs. Here we go…

Wave Goodbye to Roky Moon & BOLT! (& Then Cry Quietly)

Well, fuck. This is what happens when I step away to deal with crushing day-job deadlines, frantic tax preparations, and driving three freaking hours to The Woodlands to find a damn rabbit. sigh

Video Time: American Sharks & The Ghost of Cliff Burton & The Lotus Effect (& Bonus Featherface/Buxton!)

Meant to get these up over the holidays, y’all, but things just slipped away, I’m afraid, as they always-always do. But what the hell — better late than never, right? A handful of cool, cool H-town folks have released videos lately, and three, in particular, have flattened me outright…

The Mink Gets Sold, and (Probably) Won’t Ever Be the Same Again (UPDATED #2)

Damn. In case you hadn’t already heard, there’s been some news — of the bad variety, in my view, but I’m sure there’re others out there who’ll be happy — regarding Midtown indie-hipster venue The Mink

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