Free Press Summer Fest 2016: Thoughts and Photos

First off, I’m very saddened to learn of FPSF attendee Megan Tilton‘s death. It makes reviews like this seem very trivial. I am praying for her family and hope they get to the bottom of the story of how she passed on…

FPSF 2016 Rundown, Pt. 2: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls + David Ramirez + Leon Bridges + Matthew Logan Vasquez + Another Run + Zola Jesus + Blue Healer + Allen Stone + The National

Hey, all — sorry for the delay on Round Two of the preview-y-type things for this year’s Free Press Summer Festival, but I was knocked down flat the past 24 hours with a nasty (and hopefully quick) bout of the flu. While I’m feeling somewhat better now, I don’t remember much from about 9PM yesterday to 5PM today…

Holy Shit, FPSF 2016 Is Nearly Upon Us (And You Can Contribute to the Art, Tonight!)

Yep, believe it or not, Free Press Summer Festival, aka “Houston’s Best-Loved, Best-Known, Most-Bitched-About Music Festival” (depending on who you are), is right around the freaking corner. If you live under a rock — and this year? I feel like I’ve been living under a damn rock…

SXSW Preview 2015: 15(-ish) New(-ish) Bands We Want to See While in Austin

Hey, folks — I’m headed to SXSW this week, and I wanted to give a quick rundown of the 15 new-by-newish bands I can’t wait to see at SXSW. They’re in alphabetical order, with very short descriptions of each and a video that you should watch to decide for yourself…

H-Town Mixtape

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