Live: Paste Untapped Festival Houston

I should know to always leave a little extra time between getting to a show and actually expecting to get in, but as usual, I was running on time instead of early. That nearly made me late — there was quite a line forming at about 4:30…

[UPDATED!] Giveaway Time: Paste Untapped Houston, This Saturday

Alright, people — there’re some great, great shows happening this weekend, but the one at the top of the list for Saturday, November 16th absolutely has to be the Paste Untapped Houston mini-festival…

Update: Paris Falls/The Small Sounds (Tonight!) + Double Dagger (6/23) + Heartless Bastards (6/24) + Eleni Mandell + More

A bit over the line, I know — got some new stuff up this AM, just in time for tonight… As I raved about earlier on, both Paris Falls and The Small Sounds are playing here in town tonight, and so we’ve got reviews up of both the brand-new Paris Falls disc, Volume III (which […]

Heartless Bastards, The Mountain

The Heartless Bastards’ third album, The Mountain, is a return of sorts for Erika Wennerstrom, the leader of the band. After breaking up with the bass player, the previous lineup dissolved, and she replaced them with the people that performed on the Bastards’ original demo…

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