Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked: Surviving FPSF 2017, Day One

It began with a screwup. On my part, mind you, nobody else’s. Before I get to that, though, there’re some things that need to be said about FPSF, aka The Festival Formerly Known As Free Press Summer Festival…

FPSF 2017 Rundown, Pt. 2: K.I.D. + Bang Bangz + Aminé + Coast Modern + Night Drive + Grouplove + Rose Ette + G-Eazy + Frightened Rabbit + Echos

Here we are, again, back with another randomly-chosen look at the bands and musicians who’ll be up at Eleanor Tinsley Park (hopefully) on the edge of Downtown this weekend — Saturday, June 3rd, and Sunday, June 4th — for the musical festival-type thing known as FPSF

One Month Out: FPSF 2017 Is On Its Way, So You Better Get Damn Ready

It’s that time in H-town’s musical year when it feels like the festivals just keep popping up left and right and left again, y’know what I mean? Hell, we’ve already had a couple slide by, namely Houston Whatever Fest and The Munchies Picnik

WE LIKE THINGS 2010: Amazingness you need to hear & see from last year.

So, the Grammys are well and over, so I guess it’s about time to get the Official Space City Rock Top-Ten Lists of Amazingly Cool Things You Must See/Hear/Whatever (late, late, late, sure, but hey, we meant to do that, alright?). Read it, and obey…

Tonight (in Brief): Built To Spill + Frightened Rabbit + Ragged Hearts + Warbler Pl + More

Gotta make it brief for this evening, I’m afraid, but I didn’t want to miss out on tonight’s shows like I have the earlier part of the week’s (what, like you needed me to tell you Gorillaz & the Deftones were going to be badass? please…)

Update!: Frightened Rabbit + Papermoons (Tonight! Leaving Town!) + Sharks and Sailors (8/1) + Paul Weller(!) + Autovein + More

Update time, and somewhat of an urgent one, to boot — in the spirit of Just-In-Time Reviewing (which is all the trend these days, don’tcha know), we’ve got a brand-new review up of Papermoons inaugural full-length, New Tales, and holy crap, they just happen to be playing tonight. Imagine that… Anyway, the band’s playing up […]

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