Damn Shame: Benefit/Memorial Show Tonight for Local Punk/Activist Chuck Schambaugh

I never got to meet Chuck Schambaugh, sadly, but it kills me even still to hear about somebody so young (he was only 25) leaving so suddenly, especially when they’re a hardworking, heart-in-the-right-place part of the scene here…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: IFest (Last Day!) + Omotai + Lions of Tsavo + The 71’s + More

Not quite as much going on today (that is, Sunday, May 8th), but there’s still some good stuff happening that’s worth checking out… For one thing, it’s the final day of this year’s Houston International Festival

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Christina Carter + Lance Higdon + Unite to Destroy Fest + Houston Rocks! Showcase + More

Last day of the weekend, and yours truly is currently out on the road somewhat — down in Surfside right now, creeping myself out by standing on the sand in fog so thick you can barely see fifty feet ahead and imagining a ghostly pirate ship cruising past…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: The Pharcyde + Nosaprise + The Get Up Kids + Metal Mayhem + More

Yep, y’all — it’s Friday, January 21st, and although this weekend’s shaping up to be pretty insane, tonight’s actually relatively low-key, at least compared to tomorrow’s madness. There’re only a handful of cool-ass shows to pick from tonight…

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