SXSW Overflow 2011: Day Seven (Rooftop Vigilantes, Secret Mountains, Country Mice, Chris Bathgate, & More)

Day 7 of the SXSW Overflow Fest at Super Happy Fun Land, and eh, I can’t even come up with anything witty to say about the thing in general, except that the bills are getting better and better…

Country Mice, Make Your Own Damn Fun EP

After several listens, I have to say that Country Mice’s Make Your Own Damn Fun 7″/EP wins the award for the most schizophrenic musical identity scattered across the fewest number of actual songs. A-side “A Good Old-Fashioned Barn Raising” starts deceptively…

SXSW Overflow Starts This Week at the Super Happy

Yep, it’s that time again, the middle of March, when all kinds of bands come to town, bands that wouldn’t ever end up here otherwise. No, I’m not talking about that thing up in Austin, but about the now-annual SXSW Overflow Fest that’s going on at Super Happy Fun Land

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