Awesome News: Tom Carter Is Back On Stage and Here in Houston, Next Monday

Heard about this earlier today, and I couldn’t be more psyched; seriously, this is up there with the FPSF announcement in terms of good news, at least for me. What’s the big deal? Well, Tom Carter, expat Houstonian, experimental-guitar maestro…

Music for Tom: Two Benefits to Help Tom Carter, This Weekend

A month or two back, avid readers might recall that we mentioned that expat Houstonian and psych-rock hero Tom Carter had been hospitalized in Berlin for pneumonia and had to be put into a medical coma to recover…

Bad News & Help Needed: Tom Carter (Charalambides/The Mike Gunn) Hospitalized in Berlin

Received some tragic news recently from the Nameless Sound folks, about Houston expat & psychedelic/experimental music icon Tom Carter. Oldtimers might remember him from long-long-long-gone psych-rock band…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Christina Carter + Lance Higdon + Unite to Destroy Fest + Houston Rocks! Showcase + More

Last day of the weekend, and yours truly is currently out on the road somewhat — down in Surfside right now, creeping myself out by standing on the sand in fog so thick you can barely see fifty feet ahead and imagining a ghostly pirate ship cruising past…

Live: Terrastock 4 — Skip the Family Reunion Next Year

There are some things you should probably know going in. Terrastock 4 is, unsurprisingly, the fourth in a series of concerts. This and the previous three-day festivals (held in Rhode Island, England, and California) were all benefits for a fanzine called Ptolemaic Terrascope. Its focus is, as with any fanzine, whatever the editor likes, but can generally be condensed into the phrase “psychedelic music” without too much loss of intention…

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