Think Like A Photographer: FPSF 2013, Looking Through the Viewfinder

I’m supposed to be on vacation! And here it is July, and I’m finally finding time to write about my Free Press Summer Festival experience. Right after FPSF I headed out on an incredible California and Oregon trip to surprise my sister for her birthday, as well as see…

Let The Bass Drop: Surviving FPSF 2013, Day One

If there’s anything I’ve learned in all the years I’ve spent doing critical writing, both in college and after, it’s that you can make anything have a theme. Not that everything actually has a theme, mind you, but rather that if you read…

FPSF 2013 Rundown, Pt. 2: Mord Fustang + Baroness + John Michael Rouchell + Arctic Monkeys + Devin The Dude + Cat Power + UZOY + More

Yep, as promised, we’re back again with more writeups of the rapidly-approaching (and, as we’ve said before, completely sold-out) Free Press Summer Fest that’ll be happening this Saturday & Sunday (June 1-2) over at Eleanor Tinsley Park

FPSF 2013 Lineup, Announced This AM

Boom. There it is, y’all — those crafty people over at {Free Press Houston} just released the lineup (so far, anyway) for this year’s Free Press Summer Fest. Take a look at the poster over there on the right…

(Late) Update: Cat Power + Deathbed Repentance (2/8!) + Schoolyard Heroes (2/26) + More…

Argh. Just goes to show where my head’s at, lately, with this damn illness thing I can’t seem to shake — just this AM it occurred to me that I never actually posted about last week’s new batch of reviews. Apologies for that, folks; a well-oiled machine this e-zine is not, sadly (and yeah, that’s […]

Cat Power, Jukebox

The theme from “New York, New York” couldn’t possibly be the same old cornball, oft-played cliché, could it? The drum intro, “boom-boom-SHACK da-boom-boom-SHACK,” drags you right up to the doorstep of “Start spreading the news…” Cat Power’s Chan Marshall conjures up a spirit and a vibe…

H-Town Mixtape

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