Bleached, Welcome The Worms

Well, damn. Welcome The Worms, the brand-damn-new full-length from L.A. trio Bleached — two members of which, sisters Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, you might remember from late-2000s band Mika Miko — grabbed tight to my skeptic self from the very first note of “Keep On Keepin’ On” and refused to let go ’til the very end of “Hollywood, We Did It All Wrong”…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Gemma Ray (MP3!) + Oberhofer + Pond(?) + Junius + O’Brother + Bleached + More

Ouch. Tonight really, really hurts; it does, seriously. Why? Well, because while I’m at home watching two ailing munchkins — the wife’s going to a play with some friends — there’s a fair handful of cool, cool shows going on, shows I’m actually really bummed I won’t be seeing…

H-Town Mixtape

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