SXSW 2014 Preview: Thirteen Bands/Musicians We’re Psyched To See This Year

Welcome to my “Baker’s Dozen of Must See (Relatively) New Acts at SXSW 2014” Blog, if you’re heading to Austin this week…and why wouldn’t you be? I mean, we’re all teachers who get Spring Break off, right?…

SXSW 2013 Countdown: SXSW Preview Time Is Upon Us

I had a late start, but at this point I am absolutely drowning in the music of the acts heading to Austin to promote their wares at 2013’s incarnation of South by Southwest. I’ve been jigsaw-puzzling my schedule together for the last few days…

Ume Offers Up a Tribute to Esme Barrera

A little slow on this one, I know, but it seems almost more appropriate now that the cops think they know the identity of the person who murdered Austin scene icon Esme Barrera

The Literary Greats Finally Bring Black Blizzard to the World, Thursday

I’ve been waiting in eager anticipation for this one, folks, seriously. I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to have my hands on Black Blizzard, the latest full-length from awesomely tight, smart, tuneful indie-country-rockers {The Literary Greats}, for a little while now…

Houston in Austin: Hometown Folks Playing SXSW 2011

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m watching the SXSW coverage ramping up and feeling somewhat bummed that I’m not there to witness it. sigh. This may sound a little crazy, but I’ve only ever been to SXSW one damn time…

Opposite Day, Unlike a Virgin: The Immaculate Collection

The last time I saw Opposite Day in concert, guitarist/singer Sam Arnold started playing this riff that was so scintillating familiar, yet I couldn’t quite place it. The next thing I knew, they broke out into a rendition of the greatest song ever written…

MUNNY Day at Domy, Sunday

I’ll be honest about it: the whole MUNNY thing? I don’t get it. Maybe I would’ve as a kid, back when I was a D&D nerd who loved (but sucked at, frankly) painting miniatures, but these days, eh, it ain’t really for me. A totally blank, featureless toy I’ve gotta paint myself? Why the hell […]

SXSW Wrap-up: Day 3 (Friday, 3.20.09)

[Ed. Note: And here, a few days late — sorry about that, y’all — is the last installment of SXSW coverage by SCR/Houston Calling writer David A. Cobb. As before, all photos are David’s.] I had an early start to my last day at South By Southwest, catching up on email and loading up on […]

David’s SXSW Wrap-up: Day 2 (Thursday, 3.19.09)

[Ed. Note: The second installment e-mailed-in by SCR SXSW correspondent David A. Cobb; all photos by him…] Unfortunately day two didn’t get off to a great start. Smacked in the head and guts (and feet) with the fact I am not, in fact, 25 years old anymore, I was in hell for the better part […]

David’s SXSW Wrap-up: Day 1 (Wednesday, 3.18.09)

[Ed. Note: David Cobb‘s been running nonstop since getting up to Austin, not too surprisingly, so I’ll be posting his emailed-in updates in his stead. All photos were taken by David, too…] The first day of South By Southwest always starts with travel of some sort. This one was a cheap, early bird flight to […]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day Two

And then we all got sick. Yeah, all of us. There were six of us in the car, one of whom was sick on the way up and I guess all the coughing and sneezing in that cramped little car and then on the floor of that cramped little apartment got into the systems of […]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Day One

Just woke up from a long, incredibly long day in Austin at Fun Fun Fun Fest, and I’m fairly confident in saying that my god festivals take work. First, though, I wanted to say a big thanks to Jeremy (man, you gotta come to one of these some day!) for allowing me access to his […]

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