FPSF 2016 Rundown, Pt. 2: Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls + David Ramirez + Leon Bridges + Matthew Logan Vasquez + Another Run + Zola Jesus + Blue Healer + Allen Stone + The National

Hey, all — sorry for the delay on Round Two of the preview-y-type things for this year’s Free Press Summer Festival, but I was knocked down flat the past 24 hours with a nasty (and hopefully quick) bout of the flu. While I’m feeling somewhat better now, I don’t remember much from about 9PM yesterday to 5PM today…

Live: REI Summer Fest

With the majority of Houston’s social circles out and about, seeing and being seen wearing white at White Linen Night in The Heights, it wasn’t a huge surprise that REI Summer Fest became the ultimate (nearly-) private party of the weekend. For a little background, “REI” stands for “Real Estate Investing.” During the day, the attendees went to what I assume was…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: Riot Grrrl Dance Party + The Wrong Ones + Allen Stone + Indie! Or Die! + Roxy Roca + Grady Gaines + More

Hey, all — I know it’s been somewhat quiet over here in recent days; sorry about that, but yours truly’s been pretty well snowed-under by multiple things, and blog postings tend to fall by the wayside. sigh

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