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 This section sounds a bit generic, I'll admit, but I think it works, so hey, I'm keeping it. The world we live in is a big, complicated place, but hopefully the links in one of the three categories below will help to keep tabs on it.


Keep an eye on the world around you.

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
Alliance for Taiwan's Sovereignty
American Committee for Chechnya
American Pictures
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Amnesty International On-Line
Amnesty International USA
Animal Concerns Community
Anti-Racist Action
Anti-Racist Action of Texas
Basque Red Net
Bat Conservation International
Boycott Nike Home Page
A Brief Catalogue of Indian Atrocities in Kashmir
CapWeb: The Citizen's Guide to Congress
CATS: Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
The Center for Democracy and Technology
The Center for Public Integrity
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Chinese Embassy in Washington DC
Citizens for Tax Justice (CTJ)
CokeSpotlight: The Coke Challenge Campaign
Committee to Free Lori Berenson
Common Cause
Common Courage Press
Covert Action Quarterly
Cross The Border
The Cypherpunks Home Page
Database of Abusive Police
Democratic Socialists of America
The Brian Deneke Memorial Committee
Dirty Money
Ever curious about where our elected representatives get their funding? Look here, and be stunned and appalled.
Don't Shoot My Brother
DRCNet: Cops Against the Drug War
Yes, the police do get tired of fighting a farcical "war" on drugs in this country.
EarthWatch Institute
Electronic Privacy Information Center - Former Secrets
End to Global Injustice
EnviroLink: The Online Environmental Community
Environmental Defense Fund
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting)
F.E.A.R. - Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
The Flag-Burning Page
Forest Conservation Archives & Portal
Free Mumia Coalition/ARA Ann Arbor
Free Leonard Peltier!
Free Speech Intenet Television
Free Tibet Campaign
Friends of the Earth
Generation Fuck You!
Global Internet Liberty Campaign
The Great Boycott
The Green Page
Green Party of Texas
Greenpeace International
Guinea Pig Zero: a journal for human research subjects
Habitat for Humanity International
Harris County Green Party (Houston, Texas)
The Hate Directory
Hawai'i - Independent & Sovereign
Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife Rehabilitation
Hoax Kill
Home Alive
House of Crooks
Houston Animal Rights Team
Human Rights Emergencies
The Human Rights Web
The Hunger Site
The Independent Progressive Politics Network
Indigenous Peoples' Literature
Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation (IPSF)
International Federation for Alternative Trade
International Union of Socialist Youth
Irish Political Prisoner Information
The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Jay's Leftist and 'Progressive' Internet Resources Directory
League of Conservation Voters
The Libertarian Party
Liberty for the People
Media Transparency: The Money Behind the Media
Ralph Nader for President
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Housing Institute
The National Security Archive at Georgetown University
Native American Resource Center
The Nazism Exposed Project
NetAction: Don't Be Soft On Microsoft!
The NOTMILK! Homepage
Leonard Peltier & AIM Information
Leonard Peltier: Political Prisoner
People For Fair Trade/Network Opposed to WTO
PFIR - People For Internet Responsibility
Philanthropy New Network Online
Plaid Cymru
The Police Complaint Center
The Political Insider
Geronimo Pratt
Prison Activist Resource Center
The Privacy Page
Prominent Anarchists and Left-Libertarians
Protest China's Military Aggression
Public Agenda Online
Public Citizen
Reclaim The Streets!
Reef Relief: Protect Living Coral
Refuse & Resist!
Reverend Billy's Home Page
The Revolutionary Worker
Rice Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter
Road to Ruin: The Fifty Most Wasteful Roads in America
Save Our Seas
School of the Americas Watch
The Secular Web
Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter - Houston
The Singer Foundation
Sinn Féin Homepage (Official)
6 million Human Beings
Skeleton Closet: All of the Dirt on All of the Candidates
Southern Poverty Law Center
Stay Free! Magazine
Stop The Deportations
Support Indigenous Sovereignty!
Taxpayers for Common Sense
Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Final Meal Requests
Tibetan Government in Exile's Official Web Site
Tibetan Resource Directory
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Animal Nations
Vera Institute of Justice
Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist
Voices in the Wilderness
Welfare Watch
Why Boycott Chinese Goods?
The Wilderness Society
Working Families Party
World Wildlife Fund International
Year Zero Magazine
ZNet's Contribution to Resolving The Pacifica Crisis


Get off your ass.

Alaska Mountain Magazine
All Outdoors
A nicely-done outdoors-related site, w/plenty of stuff on gear, travel, etc. Focuses a bit much on the hunting & fishing side of things for me, but hey, some people enjoy that stuff.
I like this one, partly because "altrec.com" is just damn easy to remember... Anyway, Altrec is a decent online superstore-type thing, with stuff for all kinds of outdoor pastimes.
American Hiking Society
American Rivers Online
Backpacker Magazine
The Backpacker Network
A very cool site, aimed at backpack-carrying travelers -- if you need to find a hostel anywhere in the world, or need advice on traveling abroad, check here.
Backroads Online Traveler
Online site for a tour organizer, kind of like Mountain Travel Sobek (below).
Big Bend National Park
Canoe Camping
Cave Clan Australia
Are you "extreme," dood? Well, personally I think the marketing jerk who came up with that one should be pumped full of Mountain Dew and left in the desert, but there's some cool stuff that's come out in the wake of all this "extreme"-ness, like this cool e-zine here...
The Climbing Archive!
Climbing in North America
ClimbOn.com - The Internet Base Camp
Coast Magazine
Colorado Mountain Club Information Service
Cool Works
Not all jobs suck -- if you've gotten sick of working like a bee in your cramped little cube, try something different.
Couloir Magazine
Destination Outdoors
The Eastern Waterfall Guide
Further proof that you really can buy anything online -- this site and ebookbags.com, below, both sell nothing but backpacks, tote bags, and the like, all at pretty good prices and with lots of details. I recommend 'em highly.
Eco-Challenge: The Expedition Race
You can't actually buy stuff from here, but this is a great site for the competitive shopper; if you want to find out how well one water purifier (or whatever) stacks up against another, here's where to go.
GORP U.S. National Forests
Hash House Harriers History Page
HIKENET: Virtual Trail on the Web
Hiker Central
Hiking and Walking Homepage
Hooked on the Outdoors Magazine
Houston Hash House Harriers Web
I really can't explain hashing very well, I'm afraid. Lots of crazy, half-drunken yahoos running like mad through brambles, swamps, and construction areas; much fun.
Houston Hash Run Locations for 1997
Internet Hash House Harriers Homepage
These folks make some damn fine packs.
The Lampkin Phil-Pages
LiveToPlay Auction
L.L. Bean's Park Search
Not as useful as the official TX State Parks pages below, but this is still a handy little deal that lets you search for parks by activity, region, and type of park.
Mountain Gear
Mountain Travel Sobek
While I can't really afford to go on any of their excursions, Mountain Travel Sobek's brochures sure are cool to look at...
Mountaineering Council of Ireland
If it has to do with mountains, you can find it here -- they sell stuff and do some funky auctions of mountain-related gear, but I like the news the best.
Mountainfreak On-line Magazine
National Forests and Grasslands in Texas
National Forests are often overshadowed by State Parks, but don't count 'em out; there are few places left in this country where you can really camp where you like, and these are among them...
National Outdoor Leadership School
National Park Foundation
The North Face Store
OLN Adventure TV
Outdoor Canada
Outdoor Outlet
Outside Online
One of my favorite online magazines of all time; check out their Bookstore, too, for cool outdoors-related books.
PARKNET: The National Park Service on the Web
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
Rock & Ice
Russagh Mill Hostel & Adventure Center
Sierra Club
Skeeter's Camping Guide
Not particularly pretty, I must admit, but there's some good info here, esp. on sanitation and health problems in the outdoors.
Space City Hash Web
Summit Hut
Texas Rock Gym
Quite a place, especially if you live somewhere completely fucking flat, like I do...
Texas State Parks and Historic Sites
Trails Illustrated
Well, I thought for some reason that this was a magazine of some kind, but I guess not -- turns out it's actually National Geographic's line of maps.
Tricks of the Trail: A Guide to Backpacking
The Troop 806 Philmont Photo-Journal
USDA Forest Service
Yes, I know it's very odd, but it's true -- the USDA, the same people that put their stamp on the food you eat, also oversee U.S. National Forests. I dunno why, but I think it's been like that since Herbert Hoover's time...
World Wide Wilderness Directory
Yellowstone Journal Online


Escape your town.

About.com: Adventure Travel
Air Courier Association
Got more time on your hands than money? Don't mind sitting on planes or in airports for long periods of time? This may be the way to go, then.
The Air Traveler's Handbook
Airtravel Network, Inc.
Flights for cheap. These folks aren't bad, price-wise, but they don't seem to have stuff very far in advance.
All-Abroad - The Magazine for the Virtual Traveller
Amtrak Reservations
ase.net - Accomodation Search Engine Network
Atlantic Explorer TravelMag
Atlantic Unbound - Travels
Babylon Travel Magazine
Backpack Europe on Budget
A very cool site for those interested in backpacking & hostelling in Europe. The writer offers some especially good tips on getting there without spending a ton of money.
Backpacker HQ
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine
Kind of a weird little deal -- this is more of a travel club than a magazine (although you get the magazine if you join). It's maybe a bit pricey to join (and I remember reading some funny small print about having to pay more to leave, but I'm not sure about that), but it can definitely be worth it, 'cause they've got plenty of great travel deals.
Yep, you can bid for anything these days, and that includes airplane tickets. Haven't tried this yet, but it's part of 1travel, and it looks like you can find some good bargains (Iceland for $81, anyone?).
Big World Magazine
BLUE Magazine
BootsnAll.com: The Ultimate Resource for the Independent Traveller
Bord Failte Ireland (Irish Tourist Board)
BritRail Ltd
Victoria Brooks Greatest Escapes
The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports
Bus Éireann - National Bus Company of Ireland
Business Traveler Online
Cheap Tickets
The Compleat Carry-On Traveler
The Connected Traveler
Devil's Elbow Online
Discount Travel
Discount Travel Wholesalers
The Educated Traveler
eGO Travel Guides
Escape Magazine
Europe by Eurail
Eurotrip - Backpacking in Europe
Excite Travel
Fine Travel
Follow the Rabbit!
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online
Get Lost Magazine
Gypsy Journal
High on Adventure Travel Magazine
Historic Traveler
Holiday Ireland
Hostels.com: The Complete Hostelling and Budget Travel Resource
How to See the World: The Art of Travel
Idyll Untours
Independent Traveler
Irish Ferries
ISLANDS Magazine
IYHF - Hostelling International
Izon's Backpacker News Wire
JohnnyJet's Travel News and Tips
Journeywoman - An Online Travel Magazine Just For Women
Kasbah: The Travel Search Engine
Steve Kropla's Help for World Travelers
Literary Traveler
Lonely Planet Online
Another absolutely great series of guides. Their Kenya guide is unbelievably detailed, and written by people with practical experience who have a lot of good advice. Besides that, they probably think a lot more like you & me than some loser sitting in an office somewhere (cool idea from these folks: line the shoulder strap of your bag with an old guitar string to keep it safe - because while a thief may have a knife, chances are he won't have wire-cutters). Oh yeah, and these're the same people who do the awesome "Lonely Planet" show on the Travel Channel, too...
Long Trip Tips
Magellan's Travel Supplies
Can't find the perfect shirt for that trip to the Australian Outback in your local outdoor store? Want a suitcase that you need a jackhammer to get into, but they don't have it at the mall? Well, this one's a pretty good alternative -- fancy traveling gear galore, from lightweight shirts to reading lights, and they've even got a real-live "travel gear specialist" to talk to you online. A little on the pricey side for me, but I have the sinking feeling I'll be back when I can't find just the right travel organizer...
To be honest, I can't claim to've ever used MapQuest while traveling. I have, however, had to consult it a good dozen times just trying to navigate around the city I live in...
Mysterious World
New Traveler Online
Nomads Backpackers
An interesting little hostel chain, with hostels in Australia, NZ, Vietnam, Fiji, and (I think) South Africa. Never tried 'em, but they look pretty good.
0171 is London
100% New Zealand
The Opinionated Traveler
Outpost Magazine
Passionfruit: A Women's Travel Journal
PhotoSecrets: Photo Guides for Travel and Outdoor Photography
PlanetRider: Internet Travel Resources
Rec.Travel Library
Roadside America
I like this place muchly. Anybody who's driven cross-country across the U.S. will have seen signs and roadside attractions like the ones featured here -- they've got everything from giant food to museums about angels, all right off the side of the highway. If it's near the interstate, and it's kitschy, well, it's probably here.
Rough Guides To Travel
Round-The-World Travel Guide
Shoestring Travel E-zine
Sights Magazine
The Skyrage Foundation
Smarter Living
South American Explorers
Teachers' Travel Web
TerraQuest: Virtual Expeditions on the World Wide Web
TICKED.COM: The Ticked-Off Traveler
Time Out.com: The World's Living Guide
TNT Magazine
The TouristGuide
The Travel Clinic
Travel Impulse
Travel & Leisure
The Travel Year
The Travelite.FAQ : Packing Tips for CarryOn-Only Trips
The Travellers Lounge
TRAVEL.ORG - The Directory for Travel
Travelroads - Adventure Travel Directory
Travelwise Online
The Travelzine.com Noncommercial Travelogues Home Page
Trippin' Out Magazine
trips magazine
TuDots: The Ultimate Directory of Travel Sites
21st Century Adventures
The Universal Packing List
U.S. State Department Bureau of Consular Affairs
Vacations Magazine
Vapor Trails
VIP Backpackers Resorts
VirtualTourist.com - The Original Travel Community
WebFlyer: The Web's Frequent Flyer Authority
Web Travel Review
Web Surfer Travel Journal
What's Going On - Events, Festivals and Destinations
Where in the World
Yahoo! Travel
ZingAlbum: Traveler Connection!


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