Hurricanes Suck: A Whole Bunch of Shows Get Cancelled/Postponed This Weekend

Yes, folks, it’s time once again to grapple with one of Houston’s worst aspects (I mean, beyond the heat, mosquitoes, grime, um…okay, let’s move on): hurricanes. I hope everybody around here is being safe and getting prepared, because it looks like it could be very bad; if you’ve already headed for the hills, yeah, I get that.

One side effect of stuff like this happening is that it also means a whole big bunch of cancellations (or postponements, at the very least) of shows happening in & around the city. Which always sucks, to be sure, but seriously, it’s way better to be safe and not risk your life to see a band play. Right? Good.

On the larger end, tonight’s Coldplay show at NRG Stadium has been postponed, as has the Mary J. Blige show out at the Smart Financial Center. A few days out, Lady Antebellum have cancelled their show on Sunday up at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Simple Plan is rescheduling tonight’s show up at the House of Blues, and so are The Piano Guys, who were supposed to be up at Revention Music Center.

When it comes to smaller-scale shows, it looks like all shows for the weekend have been cancelled or postponed at Warehouse Live and White Oak Music Hall, including, unfortunately, both parts of the Chris LaForge Memorial Show, along with A Giant Dog‘s show Sunday at the WOMH. Then all of Saturday and Sunday’s events are cancelled at the House of Blues, and shows at The Concert Pub North all look to be cancelled.

In addition, tonight’s show with Hamilton Loomis up at Rockefellers has been postponed, with no date specified, and tomorrow’s show with The Jeremy James Band has been bumped out to September 16th. Similarly, over at Stereo Live, tonight’s 3LAU show has been moved to September 15th, and at the Heights Theater, Cory Morrow‘s show tonight is being shifted to an as-yet-undetermined date.

Shows scheduled up at Rudyard’s may still be happening, although the Knights of the Fire Kingdom decided that they’d be better off keeping band members & fans safe and are bowing out of tonight’s show up there (and as I’m hunkering down myself, I can’t say I blame them). As of a couple of hours ago, I’m told tomorrow’s show with Death Valley Girls, Ruiners, Imposterboys, & Flower Graves is still happening, but keep an eye out for news on that.

Not sure about Notsuoh, The Secret Group, Satellite Bar, or The Continental Club — shows are still listed on all their sites as being a go, although your mileage may vary. For their part, Walter’s says tonight’s show will proceed as planned, but that tomorrow’s show, with Make Them Suffer, has been cancelled. Haven’t heard anything about the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe down in Galveston, but I’m assuming everybody’s closing up shop down there…

That said, I just checked the Scout Bar‘s Website, and they’re saying tonight’s show with Thy Art Is Murder & a bunch of other folks is not cancelled. They say the bands are all set up and ready to roll; can’t stop the metal, amirite?

I’ll attempt to keep things updated, but if you’re in doubt, check the shows list, where I’ll be marking shows with a strikethrough if they’ve been cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled. Stay dry & safe, y’all.

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