Tonight: Discussing H-Town Music with H-Town Music Icons, at Discovery Green

14289906_10154462594645409_3634812031632587905_oWell, the weather is looking like crap where I am, but hopefully not over at Discovery Green, because tonight (Tuesday, September 13th) the Green will be hosting a very cool-sounding event, one that I think would be pretty fascinating to see and hear. (At the latest check, this is on, rain or no rain, but I’d bring an umbrella, myself…)

Tonight will be the Sounds of Houston talk/forum, part of the Discovery Discussions series of events that Southwest Airlines is apparently sponsoring. There are a few on the list, but as you might guess from the name, this evening’s deal will be specifically focused on the music in our fair city, a subject near and dear to my own little heart.

To get the discussion rolling, there’s a great, great slate of music-related people speaking tonight, including awesome The Tontons front woman Asli Omar, Mario Rodriguez, leader of the Wonky Power Records crew and excellent bands Bang Bangz and Tax the Wolf, Matthew Knowles, the head of the Music World Entertainment label and, yes, the father of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles (who I’m pretty sure you’re heard of), and Stacia Pratt of Pratt Communications, which is an entertainment PR company.

Moderating and moving things along will be the ever-cool Mark C. Austin of The Convoy Group, who is himself pretty damn fascinating to talk to about all things musical, so consider that a bonus. He’s a good dude.

This thing starts at 7PM, and it’s free, which means that you really, really ought to go. So do it — listen, ask questions, be a part of the bigger conversation about Houston music as a whole, have fun. Sounds good, right? Hell, yes.

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