Today: Two Cool Open Houses, At SugarHill & Steamboat

It’s Saturday, February 28th, and it’s a cold-ass day outside, I know (for Houstonians, anyway), but there’re at least two reasons to get out of the house, even still. I know the title above makes it look like I’m talking about a couple of ski resorts, but no…

Yr. (Late) Weekend, Pt. 1: Buxton + Badass Weekend III + Sing Your Life Showcase + Days N’ Daze + More

It’s been a hell of a week, y’all, and I’m still recovering; these updates will get more timely again soon, though, I swear. Tonight’s Friday, February 27th, and there’s a crapload of excellent stuff happening — I’ve got to make it quick, but here’re the highlights: Buxton (record release)/John Moreland/Dollie Barnes/John Egan @ The Continental […]

A Place To Bury Strangers, Transfixiation

I’ve never seen A Place To Bury Strangers live; after hearing Transfixiation, I’m not sure I’d survive the experience. Part of me wonders that, if I did, once I staggered, blood dripping steadily from my eardrums and my head full of darkness and fear and ruin, back out onto the street, maybe some new facet of the world I’d never fully recognized might suddenly reveal itself to me. Or, on the other hand, I might just pass out in the gutter, sobbing uncontrollably and unable to remember what all had happened. Still, it’s damned tempting to give it a try…

FPSF 2015 Lineup Announced, Just Now

Annnnnnd there we are, folks; the balloon has gone up, at long last. The good people in charge of the Free Press Summer Festival (aka FPSF) have released the big-ass pile of names playing this year’s festival. A whole bunch of it makes me excited, some of it makes me shrug, and a bit of it makes me scratch my head and say, “really?” Overall, though, I’m pretty happy with what’s on the menu. In terms of the big names on the list, the ones I like the best are Skrillex, St. Vincent, Belle and Sebastian(squee!

Quiet Company, Transgressor

After four long years, it’s here at last. Seriously, since the first time I heard Quiet Company’s We Are All Where We Belong, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath to see what comes next. Of course, that doesn’t mean the band’s been sitting still the whole time — far from it, in fact…

Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: PuraPharm + Jealous Creatures + Glass The Sky + Omotai + Holy Money + Young Mammals + Young Girls + Pleasure 2 + Distant Worker + More

Argh, argh, argh. I’d fully intended to get to this earlier in the week/day, but here I am, it’s late on Friday, February 13th, and there’s a great big pile of awesome things to do, most of which are already underway. Here we go…

Sweet & Lynch, Only to Rise

Michael Sweet is busier now than he’s ever been. After Stryper released No More Hell to Pay, arguably their best album, in November 2013, Sweet released a long-awaited solo album last year, and now this collaboration with George Lynch. Stryper have also reportedly started working on their follow-up to No More Hell to Pay. Like I said, busy…

Live: Chicago/REO Speedwagon

Once upon a time, I was not a jaded 44-year-old hipster doofus. I was a 12-year-old kid who loved The Beatles, a band which belonged to the generation before me, and the progressive supergroup Asia, who I thought completely belonged to me…

H-Town Mixtape

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