Tomorrow: MS Understood Benefit Full of Awesomeness Up at Fitz

newestMSposterJPEGThere’s a small pile of benefit-type shows coming up, and hey, each one’s excellent and worthy in its own unique way, certainly. I must confess, though, to being somewhat biased towards one particular benefit concert going on tomorrow, Saturday, April 5th, up at Fitzgerald’s.

This particular show’s the second installment of what’s being called MS Understood: Music for a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis (the first was last year at Rudz), and as the name suggests, the goal is to raise both awareness and money for the fight against MS (all proceeds go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society). Which is a very worthy cause, in my book; anything to find a cure for MS is a good thing.

That said, I also like this show because, well, it’s kinda like somebody looked inside my head and pulled out my dream lineup of Cool Local Bands I’ve Desperately Wanted to See Live For a While Now. Seriously — there’s those smart, political, anthemic-yet-humble indie-rock/pop folks The Wheel Workers, dusty, Ennio Morricone-flavored Western surf-Goth band The Tyburn Jig, head-nodding, wide-smiling nu-gazers A Sundae Drive, post-emo indie-pop supergroup Brand New Hearts, and rumbling, murky, Cowboy Junkies-meets-Superchunk indie-rock gang Jealous Creatures, all of whom I’ve been meaning to see for a long time (okay, so I have seen Jealous Creatures before, but it was only part of one set).

Heck, the only bands on the bill I’m not real familiar with are The Boulevard Nights, although I’ve heard some good things, and The Rads, which I’m told is a new band that includes members of A Sundae Drive, Jealous Creatures, and Dethkultur BBQ, of all things, and is “a funtime 80’s party.” This I gotta see…

Anyway, there it is: a half-dozen bands I’ve been dying to see, all playing to help fight a terrible, terrible disease. Oh, and it’s only $10 for legal-to-drink types like myself ($15 for the under-21s). Yeah, I’m fairly sure this is where I’m going to be tomorrow night, and I’d better make sure I get there early. You should, too, alright?

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2 Responses to “Tomorrow: MS Understood Benefit Full of Awesomeness Up at Fitz”

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