Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Brand New Waves + Rock The Shelter + AThousandColours + Life as Lions + More

Yeah, I know I’ve been slacking off on the Sunday writeups of late; I’ve just been getting overwhelmed and running out of time, and a lot of recent Sundays have been relatively light, shows-wise, so…well, I skipped ’em. Today/tonight, though (Sunday, December 16th, specifically), I can’t get away with that — there’s just too much going on. Here’s what’s up:

Brave New Waves #005: A Very Electronic Christmas, featuring Lance Higdon, Charlie Naked, Kyle Evans, Jonathan Jindra, Brent Fariss, Robert Pearson, Luke Hubley, & Spike the Percussionist @ Studio 101 (1824 Spring; 5-9:30PM, $10)
Okay, so I don’t know exactly how this’ll go, but damn, it still sounds cool. The idea, as I understand it, is to get a whole bunch of local (and not) electronic artists together and have then do a cover of a traditional holiday song, with the stipulation that they have to mangle it and fuck with it so badly that it’ll be unrecognizable. Nice

The show’s organizers haver brought on some truly talented people to join in the fun, including keyboardist Robert Pearson, Spike the Percussionist, Charlie Naked, Jonathan Jindra, and expat Houstonian Lance Higdon (who now lives closer to here, at least, over in San Antonio). These folks and others will be doing their level best to rip apart & reassemble all those Christmas-y songs you’re probably already sick of, and it’s just about guaranteed to be interesting.

Rock The Shelter Toy Drive, featuring Blaggards, Think Lizzy (Thin Lizzy tribute), Harbor Light Choir, & Dog Party @ The Continental Club (2-6PM)
Then there’s this benefit show, the annual Rock The Shelter Toy Drive, held over at The Continental Club. It’s a damn good cause, obviously, with the money/toys raised going to The Salvation Army, and rowdy Irish folk-rockers Blaggards still need to go on, so get on up there…

The Texas Buzz, featuring Positive Disturbance, AThousandColours, & Life as Lions @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
And then, far down to the South, there’s a good, good show going on at The Scout Bar; it’s this week’s installment of The Texas Buzz, and this time the Buzz folks have pulled in Life as Lions, whom I’m liking more & more, and {AThousandColours}, who I freaking love. Seriously, their song “make your amends.” has a near-permanent place in the rotation on my iPod, which tends to ebb and flow like the ocean. Smart, heartfelt, emo-ish alternarock with awesome, awesome vocals and melodies that are impossible not to sing along with.

Caches The Ghosts/Otonana Trio/Giant Battle Monster/”Downer”/After Young @ Mango’s ($5)
Come See My Dead Person @ Cactus Music (4PM)
AR*V Sunday Songwriter’s Workshop, featuring Hecho Por Uno @ Avant Garden (6:30PM)

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