Yr. (Brief) Weekend, Pt. 1: Something Fierce + Glass the Sky + The Lotus Effect + Sunrise & Ammunition + More

Hey, all — sorry for the quietness all week this week. I foolishly believed the little touch of cold I felt coming on last Sunday was just a minor thing, but yeah, I turned out to be way, way wrong. I’ve been knocked-out flat all freaking week, unfortunately, and the site’s just about ground to a halt because of that; I’m only know struggling back to my feet.

So, what that in mind, yeah, our usual list of the cool stuff happening tonight, Friday, November 9, is extremely, extremely late. But hey, there’s still shows that haven’t yet started (or have only just), so here we go:

Something Fierce/Big Eyes/The Audacity @ Mango’s
As always, I love those crazy/smart pop-punk kids Something Fierce, with the throwback-yet-modern sound they’ve crafted over the course of the past few years. If you haven’t seen them yet, especially if you consider yourself a fan of The Clash, The Jam, Elvis Costello, Stiff Little Fingers, or Nick Lowe, you really need to do it. Now. Go.

Glass the Sky (CD release)/Benjamin Wesley/Boy + Kite/Technicolor Hearts @ Fitzgerald’s
sigh. Dangit, this one hurts — the kind folks in Glass the Sky had sent us their CD to review a few weeks back, and the plan was to get it reviewed in time for tonight’s show…and then I ended up getting zero done all week. Sorry, y’all. It’s a particular shame because I like what I’ve heard, and I was really looking forward to giving ’em a serious listen. And hey, the ever-awesome, laid-back multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Wesley is playing alongside ’em, and that’s no bad thing…

Black Queen Speaks/Elbodo/The Lotus Effect/Life as Lions @ Rudyard’s
Nice, nice, nice. Good old Rudyard’s — shows there are only ever getting started ’til 10PM or so, and I’m betting the same’s true of tonight’s show, too. Which is great, because I really like the folks playing tonight, especially thoughtful/soulful rocker dudes The Lotus Effect and post-emo alternarock crew Life as Lions.

Acous’Mix Re*View, featuring Bloodsucking Fiends, Celestial Centerfold, Muddle Belle, Sunrise & Ammunition, & Somewhere In Between @ Notsuoh
Still not entirely sure about the whole “Acous’Mix Re*View” showcases that’ve been popping up in different spots ’round town, but hey, I’m liking ’em — there’s always an interesting bunch of folks playing, like tonight up at Notsuoh. Sunrise & Ammunition, in particular, is pretty damn cool.

Black Congress/Fletcher C. Johnson/Young Mammals @ Big Star Bar
Snow Patrol/Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds/Jake Bugg @ Bayou Music Center
The Escatones/Rivers/Forever Blowing Bubbles @ Avant Garden
Next Generation, featuring Hollywood Floss, Franchise N Yung, D-Risha, Da Kid Kam, Bobby Earth, DJ Arsonik, & DJ CM Black @ Warehouse Live (Green Room)
Mayday Parade/The Maine/The Postelles @ Warehouse Live
Light Surgeons @ Asia Society Texas Center
Houston Metal Massacre, featuring The Hectic, Saturate, Downfall 2012, The Filthy Dead, & Silenced Within @ Walter’s
Halestorm/In This Moment/Eve to Adam @ Fitzgerald’s
Blaggards @ R&R Sports Bar (Friendswood)

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