speakers, New Frequency EP

speakers, New Frequency EP

The New Frequency EP begins randomly, as if I’ve walked in on the middle of a song. The first song by speakers has the rapping style of Young MC mixed with singing that could be anywhere from Michael Jackson to Usher. The lyrics pretty much say it all, though — having a chorus hook about the freaks coming out late at night will probably make you a popular song at the dance clubs and maybe on the radio, but not with this listener.

“Right Right” sounds like a Taio Cruz would’ve recorded with Nicki Minaj in a perfect world. Yes, this song has a guest rapper on it named NiRe AllDai. Nicki Minaj she is not. She makes me sad for female rappers, actually. And I really hope that in the line some guy says of, “Beam me up Scotty / Because I really gotta potty,” I just misheard, and he really said “party.”

Unfortunately, this EP carries on like this for two more songs. Yes, this is a mere four-song EP, but it feels painfully like forever. It’s somewhere between “nowhere near as good as Outkast” and “Slightly more annoying than Black Eyed Peas.” You can pick which one you think sounds worse. Next!

(Virgin Records America -- http://www.virginrecords.com/; speakers -- http://speakersmusic.com/; speakers (Facebook) -- http://www.facebook.com/SpeakersMusic)
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