Attaloss, Attaloss

Attaloss, Attaloss

If you’ve heard one pop punk band that borders on dare-I-say-emo, then it seems like you’ve pretty much heard them all. So what sets Attaloss apart from all of the other seemingly countless bands out there that share a similar sound? I have no clue. If slightly altered, you could pass this off as the new Yellowcard album very easily. But then again, the same could be said about a lot of other CDs, as well.

One thing that sets this CD apart from others is that it has ten songs on it, but the first five are recorded electric, while the second five are the same songs, only in acoustic form. It reminds me of how Yellowcard had songs like “Rough Draft” out there in various forms, but again, this CD does remind me a lot of that band and other bands of that genre.

I wouldn’t say that this music is particularly bad. They seem to be impassioned in what they are doing. But I feel this is a genre that died a long time ago, in New Jersey somewhere. I really have no desire to listen to new songs by new bands that sound like this, though I cannot deny that someone there probably does.

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