Tonight: fun. & Avalanche City @ Warehouse Live (with Videos)

Okay, so after their song “We Are Young” ended up in a Super Bowl commercial, I’ll admit that fun. don’t need my help in terms of promotion, but hey, what can I say? It’s an insanely great song, one I haven’t been able to chisel out of my head for weeks now, and the accompanying video is damn entertaining, to boot.

Here ’tis:

(I played this for Munchkin #1, btw, and afterwards she refused to speak to me for a couple of hours, horrified that somebody would do something as awful as rip apart an innocent stuffed animal. Note that she had no problem with people beating the crap out of one another. Should that make me worried? Probably, yes.)

Then there’re tourmates Avalanche City, who hail from New Zealand and are on Roadrunner Recs (to which: WTF?) but sound like they should come from Portland and be signed to Sub Pop, if anything (or Barsuk, maybe). And yes, they’ve got an awesome (and adorable) video, too, for “Love Love Love”:

That, right there? That’s what computer animation should be for, always: telling the story of penguins in love who vanquish pirates with the help of friendly zeppelin pilots.

Anyway, both bands play tonight, Tuesday, March 20th, up at Warehouse Live. Kinda surprised it’s not already sold out, actually…

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One Response to “Tonight: fun. & Avalanche City @ Warehouse Live (with Videos)”

  1. poop mouth on March 20th, 2012 at 6:28 pm

    it’s not sold out because it was a studio show moved to the ballroom. however, a friend of mine tried to buy tickets last night and it WAS sold out.

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