Walk With Zombies (And Help Wildfire Victims), Tomorrow

It’s not quite the Halloween season yet, no, but the dead’ll be rising tomorrow (Sat., September 24th) all the same… Tomorrow is the 2011 Houston Zombie Walk, apparently, which has morphed from just a random zombified ramble around the city into a real-live walk for charity.

The walk was originally going to be for the Houston SPCA, if I remember right, but with the recent wildfires sweeping the areas north of Houston, the organizers have shifted the charity part of this to help out families & fire departments, instead:

Due to the overwhelming devastation right at our doorstep, The Houston Zombie Walk will be supporting wildfire relief efforts in our area. This has hit close to home, as we have been notified by friends, followers, and staff who have been directly impacted by this terrible disaster. The money raised this year will go directly to helping families, animal welfare, and local volunteer fire departments, who are on the front lines defending our state and homes.

Anyway, whatever the charitable aims, the walk’ll be about a mile through the streets of downtown, starting at Jones Plaza in the evening (the thing runs from 5-10PM). Get dressed up in your favorite grotesque zombie makeup, head on downtown, and moan and drag yourself through the streets doing your best Romero impression — see the rules/guidelines/etc. on over here.

The walk itself is at 7PM, and then there’re some bands playing back down at Jones Plaza, including The Abyss and Five Eyes Wide, plus an afterparty Shark Bar (in Bayou Place). $11 gets you into the walk, the bands, afterparty, etc., and hey, it’s for a good cause…

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