Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Reptar (Interviewed!) + Jet Lounge Anniversary + White Crime + Mikey & The Drags + More

Hey, all — running late, unfortunately, after spending the whole day cutting and measuring and cutting crown moulding for the hallways…gah. There’s quite a bit going on tonight (Sat., September 17th), though, so I didn’t want to miss out on it completely…

At the top of my list is the show over at the House of Blues, with Foster the People (who I know nothing about, other than they sold out their last H-town show), Cults (who I’ve heard are good), and, most importantly to me, at least, electro-funk-reggae gang Reptar. The latter’s debut EP, Oblangle Fizz, Y’all, is flat-out awesome, a blast of dance-inducing craziness, and I’m told their live shows match up to that; the review’s up here.

Oh, and we had a chance to talk with Ross Brubeck, the band’s visual-effects guy and videographer, the other day about the band’s current tour, the diffculties of playing festivals, and a bunch of other stuff; check that out here

Skipping down to Midtown, then, the Jet Lounge/ECHO Eight-Year Anniversary Party is going on (at the Jet Lounge, obviously), with a lineup that includes excellent popsters Spain Colored Orange, Finnegan‘s Taylor Lee, very cool/devious power-pop crew The Julys (see the review of their first EP here), and Moxy Go Go, which includes one of the former members of Chlorine.

At Notsuoh, there’s a cool-sounding show that snuck up on me a bit; it’s the tour kickoff and 7″ release for White Crime, who I have yet to hear but who I’m told are pretty awesome, and they’re playing with a new(?) band called Crackhouse that includes members of The Mahas and lo-fi noise-rock heroes Cop Warmth, who were recently signed to In The Red Records — congrats on that, y’all!

Next door at Dean’s, there’s another good one, with Mikey & The Drags, aka Miguel from The McKenzies‘ new band, Wicked Poseur, and somebody called Ryan Rousseau and His Desert Children.

What else? Well, Super Happy Fun Land has mindblowing spazz-rockers Giant Battle Monster, among others, while Fitzgerald’s has a good one with Day Sailor and {AThousandColours}, both relative newcomers who’ve impressed the heck out of me recently.

Full list, right here:

Foster the People/Reptar/Cults @ House of Blues
Jet Lounge/ECHO Eight-Year Anniversary Party, featuring Spain Colored Orange, Taylor Lee, The Julys, Moxy Go Go, & DJ Melodic @ Jet Lounge
White Crime (tour kickoff/7″ release)/Crackhouse (mem. of The Mahas)/Cop Warmth @ Notsuoh
Squidbucket/Giant Battle Monster/Shopping for Death @ Super Happy Fun Land
Day Sailor/Forlorn Hope/AThousandColours @ Fitzgerald’s
Ryan Rousseau and His Desert Children/Wicked Poseur/Mikey & The Drags/Reverbation DJS @ Dean’s Credit Clothing
Lower Life Form/The Suffers @ Big Star Bar
Dismantled For Fashion: A Rockabilly Affair, featuring 13 Black Coffins, DJ Twinkle Toes, & Siouxsie Monroe @ Fitzgerald’s
90.1 KPFT Deadbeat Ball, featuring The Leo Trio, MacAdams, The Hightailers, Brad Boyer & Country Store Buffalo, Jack Saunders, Matt Harlan, & Big Al Bettis @ Last Concert Cafe
Dethkultur BBQ/BloodVoid/Bleeding by Example @ The Press Box (209 Jackson)
Hank Schyma/Greg Kinsey @ Corner Pub (Conroe)

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