Tonight: Miniature Tigers, The Wheel Workers, & Alkari @ Fitz

Damn, damn, damn. This show just might make me break out of the weekday-evening slump and head on up to Fitzgerald’s, because I really, truly like all three damn bands playing up there tonight (Wed., September 14th). (Of course, since apparently my father-in-law is currently at my house doing some kind of insane home-improvement project, that may be what I get to do this evening, instead. sigh.)

In case you can’t see the flyer over there on the left, the headliners are the awesomely fun Miniature Tigers, whom I like quite a damn bit. I’ve talked about these folks a couple of times in the past year or so, and I’m still well & truly sold. They swoon and bounce with a sleepy, wide-smiling, Say Hi-gone-happy kind of electro-pop vibe that’s infectious as hell both on new album Fortress and previous effort Tell It to the Volcano.

And hey, they’re some quirky, snarky people, as evidenced by this video for the excellent “Cannibal Queen”:

Oh, and if you give ’em your email address, you can grab new track “Boomerang,” off their forthcoming album Mia Pharaoh (niiiice):

I’ve heard it, and it’s pretty great, with a seriously retro-ified sound to it, some awesomely warm keys, and a Beatles-gone-disco beat…

Adding to the fun-ness, local boys The Wheel Workers and Alkari are opening, and hey, I like them both quite a damn bit, too. The former are jaunty and thoughtful folky/dancey pop with a political bent, and I enjoyed a lot of the tracks on their debut album Unite not too long ago.

The latter, on the other end, are shiny-fuzzy indie-rock that owes more to the Replacements and their fellow Twin/Tone bands than they do Superchunk or anything after, and they play it all with a intense kind of intelligence (and some nice keys, to boot). The two bands together make a neat combination (although if their lead singers get to talking politics, things could get rowdy in a hurry).

There you go; make plans, get on out, eh?

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