Late-Notice Muhammad Ali Tour Kickoff Show, Tonight

Dangit, I knew I was gonna miss one… Somehow I totally overlooked tonight’s show up at Notsuoh — badass, wide-grinning indie-punk gang Muhammad Ali are headlining, since it’s the kick-off show for their tour out west (San Diego’s the end goal), and they’re playing with gritty College Station punks The Hangouts, fellow College Station stoner-metal band The Tron Sack, & local blues-mess crazies Darwin’s Finches.

Fat Tony side project Cunt Killer was going to be playing, as well, horrific name & all, but according to the Muhammad Ali guys, one of the duo that makes up CK has fallen ill — a bit of a disappointment, since they’re supposed to be pretty neat.

But hey, the four bands still playing all sound great, even still, and it’s hard to beat for a measly $5. Go watch & listen as all the boxes of shoes & whatnot rattle and shake on their shelves…

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