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Got an email this morning about an upcoming benefit show for a cause that breaks even my jaded, glass-half-empty cynic heart… Local promoter Bob Fuldauer passed along word about a benefit for his niece, Jessica Rose Luberger, who was born with Down syndrome, heart problems, vision problems, and difficulties walking and moving around that make her life a whole lot more challenging (most likely) than yours or mine. To help her get around and develop, her therapist has recommended getting a service dog (here are some reasons why), but unfortunately, dogs like are insanely expensive ($26,000!), they’re not covered by insurance, it’s a long, long wait to get a free dog from various organizations, and there are apparently issues with Jessica’s age, as well, in terms of being eligible to even get a dog from one of those groups.

Jessica’s friends and family, however, have decided that they’re going to get her a service dog, come hell or high water, and they’re throwing a BBQ/show on Saturday, August 27th at The Hot Dog Shop (over at 6405 Brittmoore) in an effort to raise funds to do just that.

Tickets are $10, and that’ll get you a barbecue dinner, live music (not sure yet who’s playing), and entry into a raffle for door prizes & such. There’s also going to be both live and silent auctions. They’re aiming to raise $13,000, I believe, from the group 4 Paws for Ability (which is covering half the cost of the dog), but I’m sure anything you can give would be greatly appreciated. You can donate by mail or online, too.

If you’d like to help out with the benefit itself — I’m betting they’ll need some volunteers, and they’re asking people to donate items for the raffle and auctions — there’ll be an organizational meeting next Tuesday, August 9th at The Hot Dog Shop to figure out who’s doing what. Contact Kathy Buckler at “kb11143” at “yahoo dot com” or “kbuckler” at “bli-tax dot com” if you can lend a hand.

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